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A recent Regional Transportation meeting was a topic during the Salmon City Councilís Roundtable discussion September 19.

Several of the city officials attended the meeting and reported it to be very interesting. Councilman Jim Bockelman said he was impressed with how willing the regional people were to work with the city and he liked a proposal for reconfiguration of the Main Street-Courthouse Drive-Highway 93 North intersection.

The challenging maze of convening streets has baffled traffic experts for years. Councilman Ken Hill found it interesting that even the state transportation officials have never found a solution to that intersection. The state is now suggesting turning over the design challenge to University of Idaho student engineers. Everyone agreed getting a fresh look at the problem is a great idea.

Councilman Fred Waidely said one subject that wasnít mentioned at the meeting was the Main Street/Highway 93 Bridge, a portion of which constitutes the oldest bridge in the state. He said the old section and the newer section are bucking against each other which is not at all good. City Administrator George Ambrose confirmed that the bridgeís right side and left side are deflecting at different rates, which in time will create a problem. He said that is the reason some areas of the newly resurfaced deck are beginning to break up.

Other Roundtable topics related to team reports and flag etiquette.

Waidely encouraged the cityís various sub committees to provide follow-up reports on projects that have been approved and activated. He also complimented Tommy Tristan and James Miller on their excellent job of properly displaying the state and national flags on the September 11 Patriotís Day. He said proper flag etiquette may seem minor but that it is something noticed by a lot of local residents and is a not only a show of national pride but of pride in this city.

In business before the city the council approved an extension to Teri Ottens consultation contract. The extension will cover the time needed to complete the last steps of the updated City Development Code.

Confusion over the need for extra funding to cover sidewalk repair costs at the swimming pool was cleared with an explanation regarding the project bid. Ambrose said the bid price was not exceeded; it was a matter of the estimated original request for Local Option Tax funding not being enough to pay the actual bid. The council approved the LOT funds needed to make up the difference. It was also decided the Finance Team will develop a formal policy procedure to follow in the event cost overrides are encountered on a project that has been awarded on a set bid.

Case in point was a $3046.28 cost overrun on the Police Station re-roofing project. There were five levels of roofing to remove instead of the expected two and once the roof sub-decking was uncovered it was discovered to be rotted. The virtual lack of roof required quick on-site decisions.

There is one more roofing project to do before Winter and thatís the City Swimming Pool building. A motion was passed that if a similar situation is discovered with that roof the Mayor, City Administrator and Finance Director are authorized to make the decision and then inform the council.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be October 3 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.
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