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ITíS A SIGN 10-3-12 LMS

The need for more directional signs was a topic during the Salmon City Councilís October 3rd Roundtable Discussion and Fred Waidely reported on a meeting held the day before with a district traffic engineer.

Waidely said reassurances were given there are no future plans to bypass Main Street. He also said the design challenges of the Courthouse Drive/Main Street/Highway 93 North intersection have been turned over to University of Idaho engineering students.

On the subject of signs it was pointed out there is no sign at that intersection to indicate the whereabouts of Highway 93 South.

The lack of a flashing beacon at the school crosswalk on 93 South was brought up as a safety issue. It has been determined it is up to the school to install the beacon and the state will then maintain it. Another signage issue was mentioned by Robert Dunlop during a council public comment period. He said there is no sign to indicate the portion of Highway 93 North that is within city limits is now known as River Front Drive. He recommended either a street name sign be installed or just stick with the name Highway 93 North.

Council President Jim Baker mentioned the need for follow up reports on events funded by Local Option Tax monies. He suggested referring the matter of acquiring attendance and financial statistics on each event to the cityís Finance Team.

In business before the council a motion was made and passed to accept the audit engagement letter submitted by Certified Public Accountant Bob Baker.

City Planner Dan Maiyo told the council the Updated City Development Code draft is ready for a joint work session between the council and the City Planning and Zoning Commission. A date of October 16th was set for the first session with a follow-up session on October 24th. Maiyo said from there the document will be put out for public review followed by a public hearing. He said the council also has the option of calling for a public hearing if it thinks itís necessary. Council members agreed that whatever time is needed to reach an approval for the Development Code document will be taken. The code updates have been in the works for two years.

Maiyo also said this year will mark the last extension period for the Mountain Valley Endeavors planned unit development. He said he has sent a certified mail notice as well as an email to the company informing it a written time extension request needs to be submitted. There has been no reply as yet. He will give the council an update during its October 17 meeting.

A request to expend up to $20,000 from the Cemetery Contingency Fund for the purchase of a dump truck was granted by the council.

City Clerk Mary Benton is awaiting word on whether or not the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will be offering its woodstove replacement program again this year. Last year 29 local residents traded in their old, inefficient wood stoves for a new air-quality approved model and benefited from the DEQís $1,000 rebate. She has not heard from the DEQ as yet.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be October 17 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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