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The Salmon Public Library Association would like to buy the city owned land under the library building and needs to know what procedure to follow.

The association had expressed interest in the purchase several months ago and was referred to the cityís Finance Team. Association representatives met with the team and then heard nothing. The Salmon City Council was informed at its October 17 meeting that the library would like to make an offer to buy.

The current assessed value on the property is $4.25 a square foot which would amount to $23,800 for the property and small section of parking area behind the building. Representatives from the Library Association said the association is ready to offer $30,000 for the property and wishes to do it according to proper protocol. There are no immediate plans for the library and its board would like to invest the associationís money before the November election.

City Attorney Fred Snook explained the topic will have to be formally placed on the councilís next agenda where it can be officially discussed and the majority of council members voted to do that. The proper offer to buy procedure will be addressed at the November 7 council meeting.

City Clerk Mary Benton has developed a handbook of rules and procedures for the City Council and each member was given a copy to study prior to the meeting. Councilman Jim Baker indicated he wanted a discussion on some issues and Councilman Jim Bockelman wanted to schedule a council work session to discuss the handbook. The council agreed the first step will be to put comments in writing, deliver them to Benton and then discuss handbook contents during the November 7 council meeting.

The city owns three small lots near Daisy and Idaho Streets. An attempt to sell the lots at a set minimum price failed to draw a buyer several months ago. Neighbors have recently complained the lots are unkempt and full of weeds, which put the issue of selling the property back in the spotlight. Past files on the property are available and Attorney Snook was asked to look into selling options. Mayor Leo Marshall advised council members to go visit the site and said there are some issues with it which have all been disclosed, such as the distance to city utilities. The council will continue the discussion when the options are presented.

The city council unanimously approved an amendment to the Keller Associates Contract related to wastewater treatment plant upgrade designs. Originally the upgrades were divided into two separate projects. Since the final designs on each project happened to be finished at the same time it was decided to bid and construct the two as one single larger project. The Engineering Services for Wastewater Headworks Facility and Wastewater Effluent Filter System Amendment basically consolidates the two projects into one. The end result will be a reduction of administrative costs and an easier accounts payable system.

City Administrator George Ambrose said the advertising for bids was to begin on October 18 and a pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for November 14. He said the project will be bid on December 5.

The Gold Wing Riders are planning a convention in Salmon next Labor Day. Ted Beers of Twin Falls told the council that from the preregistration it looks like around 350 participants will be attending. The convention will feature a bike show, bike safety sessions and an after dark, lighted parade. He asked that the city and the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce lend support to the Gold Wing Riders Convention. Confirmation of the event will be possible after the first of the year.
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