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At its October 10 meeting the cityís Public Works Team reviewed a crosswalk request from Steele Memorial Medical Clinic and recommended to the City Council that a temporary crosswalk be installed. At the councilís October 17 meeting the recommendation was further discussed and accepted.

The reason for a temporary status on the crosswalk upgrade is street resurfacing scheduled for next year. The cross walk is in front of the emergency room. Team research indicates the crosswalk will meet state codes and that the estimated cost of adding signs and repainting the crosswalk stripes will amount to $417.00. The expense will be covered by the hospital.

Installation of a larger water main has been requested by residents in an area on Monk Street. The present two inch main line, reduced to an inch and a quarter, was installed before any homes were built.

Research into the request was assigned to the Public Works Team which in turn asked Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck to provide estimates on the work involved. Verbeck reported that to replace the old line with an up-to-code six inch main would mean running 2,027 feet of new line from Washington Street plus an additional 400 feet of copper pipe to hook-up services. Three new fire hydrants would also need to be installed. The total cost estimate is $167,900.

Because no funding has been allocated for such an expense and the 2013 schedule for the Public Works Department is already full the teamís recommendation to the council was to place the project on the cityís future planning schedule.

The recommendation was presented at the City Councilís October 17 meeting along with an added note from City Administrator George Ambrose. He said due to the scope of the work it would have to be engineered, which will add to the cost, and then be approved by the Department of Environmental Quality. Ambrose said the project definitely needs to be researched further. The City Council accepted the Public Works Team recommendation to place the project on the city schedule for future planning.

City Finance Director Amy Fealko gave the team a proposed overtime policy change for on-call operators at the water and sewer plant. The documentís purpose was to clarify on-call overtime policy. The team recommended City Council approval of the proposal. The council agreed with the team recommendation and voted for the change.

The Public Works Team recommended against a utility services disconnect request from Calvin Leman for his Washington Street residence. The team cited the city code which requires that all occupied or occupiable premises within the boundary of the city be hooked to water, unless they are more than 300 feet from the nearest water main.

The team recommended approval of a disconnect request by Milton Slavin. The requested disconnect is for a building at 1014 Main Street. The structure is scheduled to be torn down and the water line will be capped at that time.

When considered by the City Council the council accepted both recommendations submitted by the team.

The next meeting of the cityís Public Works Team is November 14 at 2PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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