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Several on-going infrastructure issues plus City Park trees were on the Public Works Team November 4 agenda according to Team Chairman Fred Waidely.

Waidely reported on team discussion results at the December 5 meeting of the Salmon City Council. A discussion on utility hook ups for Mark Troy’s Idaho Adventures business resulted in a recommendation to place the issue on a future council agenda and a recommendation that Troy be allowed to continue business operations until a determination is made on the future of the Highway 93, Main Street, Courthouse Drive, Front Street intersection. Waidely said County Planning and Zoning Administrator Gary Goodman was in attendance at the meeting and that he indicated several events in that area have developed over a period of time which will be discussed further with the City Council before any resolutions are decided.

Following Waidely’s report Mayor Leo Marshall said city officials have met with the Idaho Transportation Department where discussions included surveying the intersection then turning over its unique challenges to the Engineering Department at the University of Idaho. Possible designs for the junction are expected from the students in January.

The Public Works Team then continued its discussion about replacing a section of water main on Monk Street. Keller & Associates had been asked to estimate costs of replacing 2000 feet of water line, relocating eight to ten water connections, installing three fire hydrants and restoring surrounding surfaces disturbed by the work. The company estimated a cost of $150,000 to $200,000. Waidely said the team considers this to be a worthwhile project but one that can’t be done in 2013 due to that amount of money not being within the department’s budget capability in that short a time frame. The Public Works Team recommendation was that the project be included in the 2014 budget as priorities dictate. Mayor Marshall commented the city now has a grant writer on staff and suggested the project be turned over to her.

Waidely said that upon a request from the team, the Public Works Department has determined that there is adequate storm drainage on Water Street. He also said that the removal of some dying trees in City Park has been discussed with the adjacent homeowner. Agreement was reached on the overall scope of work being planned and the team suggested an official letter of mutual agreement outlining the project be sent to the property owner.

The Public Works Team discussed availability of utilities for some city owned vacant lots on Idaho Avenue. It would cost just over $3,000 to connect water to the properties and approximately $12,000 for a 145 foot sewer line extension.

Later in the evening, the full City Council reviewed the question of selling the Idaho Street vacant lots without improvements or connecting the utilities and selling them at a fully-developed market value. It was decided that assessment valuation figures will be obtained for the land both .with and without utilities and legalities for selling the property will be researched. The Finance Team will review the results and make a recommendation to the council.

The next meeting of the Public Works Team will take place on December 12 at 2PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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