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Effects of the Monday, December 17, power outage and potential future ramifications were a subject of the Salmon City Councilís Roundtable discussion at its December 19 meeting.

Councilman Fred Waidely reported that the power board of the Salmon Valley Centerís elevator was wiped out by the outage and the elevator had been rendered inoperable.

He said the immediate concern was whether or not anyone was in the elevator at the time it failed. Waidely told the council that City Clerk Mary Benton called out to anyone who might be inside as she pounded on the elevator doors. He and she then checked with the Senior Center to make sure no one was missing. Waidely said the assumption no one was in the elevator was correct but that assumption is not the best way to determine such a thing.

He said it took two days for a Salt Lake City elevator repairman to arrive. Waidely and Benton ascertained from him how to open the elevator doors in an emergency and obtained an agreement for a training session. Representatives from the Fire Department, Search and Rescue, Police Department and Public Works Department will be notified of the training when a date is set. It was agreed the Seniors should be offered a training opportunity as well. There is an emergency phone in the elevator but not knowing it is there or how to use it doesnít do a stranded occupant much good.

Snow covered sidewalks was another Roundtable topic. It is up to business owners to clear walks in front of their establishments. Councilman Jim Bockelman inquired as to whom is responsible for walks in front of unoccupied Main Street businesses. Mayor Leo Marshall said he will contact owners of those buildings to remind them of the city code about clearing the walks.

Councilman Jesse Bender used her Roundtable comment opportunity to remark on how wonderful the front of the Lemhi County Historical Museum is looking.

Santa Claus is a traditional visitor to the council meeting nearest Christmas Day however he was unable to attend this year. He assigned Mayor Marshal the honor of distributing the candies or pieces of coal. Attendance at the meeting was required in order to learn which council members received the pieces of coal.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be January 2, 2013 beginning at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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