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The cityís Finance Team dealt with a long list of topics at its January 8 meeting according to a report from team chairman Councilman Jim Bockelman.

Bockelman told the January 16 meeting of the Salmon City Council that the yearly audit of city finances is almost complete. He said Finance Director Amy Fealko informed the team there was nothing out of the ordinary in November numbers and that when all December figures are compiled there will be a quarterly review.

Updating ongoing projects Bockelman said City Administrator George Ambrose has completed work on the Fulton Street sidewalk plans and will proceed with the bidding process in March. Ambrose also reported that City Attorney Fred Snook should have a draft Library Real Estate Lease ready for council review at its first February meeting.

Fealko presented the team with a draft proposal of a procedure to follow in the event of cost overruns on projects initially bid for less. The team recommended sending it on to the council and at the January 16 meeting Resolution 2013-1 was passed. The resolution gives the mayor authorization to make decisions in situations where immediate action is needed.

She also presented the Finance Team with possible clarifications of present codes regarding delinquent city utility bills, due dates and shut off procedures. Bockelman said that during the team meeting it was determined more discussion is needed to determine what the delinquency process now being used actually costs the city however since then the mayor had requested more immediate action on clarifications. The first reading of Ordinance 13-787 was passed at the January 16 council meeting. It revises utility payment due dates and streamlines the shut off process to avoid having utility turn-off dates fall on weekends. The ordinance states that payments will be due three business days after delinquent notice door hangers are issued. There will be two more readings of the ordinance which means two more opportunities for discussion and revision.

Due to a misunderstanding not all of the sections of the City Hall roof were re-roofed last fall and one of those unattended sections is now leaking. The total budget for the job was around $60,000. The bill was $43,000. Bockelman said Contractor Doug Omyer has estimated a cost of $8,100 to re-roof the sections left out of the original project and that will put the entire roof under a new cover with a 20 year guarantee. The leak will be repaired immediately. The council voted to approve a change order and have Omyer re-roof the remaining 2700 square feet

Attorney Snook and Administrator Ambrose are researching the best way to approach a response to the present Bike Path contract being offered by the state. Recommendations should be available for discussion by the council at its February 6th meeting.

Bockelman told the council that Fealko is looking at ways to maximize the $500,000 block grant for sewer plant upgrades. The Department of Environmental Quality loan is for $3.5 million with a $475,000 forgiveness if the total amount is spent. The thought process is to maximize the forgiveness but only spend as much of the loan money as the city needs to spend. He said the city should review the merits of paying back the loan early. Fealko will request reimbursement based on the cash flow schedule obtained from the contractor and the Finance team will supply a monthly report.

The Finance team discussed how grant monies are utilized and managed at the Sacajawea Center and also reviewed the need of a replacement forklift for the water department. A good used one has been located at a cost of $8,000. It was confirmed that amount is available in the water departmentís budget.

Bulbs are no longer available for the city shop lighting fixtures. New lighting would cost around $1,300 after an Idaho Power rebate of $1, 200. The new lighting would save an estimated $400 a year and have a life span of from 15 to 20 years. When brought before the council it approved the Capital expenditure on a unanimous vote. The city administrator has also asked Idaho Power for an estimate on replacing the existing street lights with LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting.

It has been suggested that the city begin looking at finding a site for an additional vehicular bridge across the Salmon River. Further discussion led the Finance Team to recommend the city consider updating its transportation plan.

The next meeting of the City Finance Team will be February 12 at 11AM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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