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During the Salmon City Council Roundtable discussion February 6, Councilman Ken Hill remarked on improvements in snow removal work being done by city crews and Councilman Fred Waidely announced that maps showing the locations of all fire hydrants in the city have been placed in Fire Department vehicles.

Councilman Jim Kluesner complimented the fence work project done by a local Boy Scout at City Park. He recommended his fellow council members make a trip to the park to see it.

Councilman Jim Bockelman said he has noticed some of the pot holes in city streets are being filled by city crews and said that he has had comments and thanks regarding improvements in animal control issues.

Mayor Leo Marshall told the council he had given a go-ahead on an application from the Sacajawea Center for a no-strings-attached grant being offered by Home Depot for a $500 gift card plus a $500 grant for gardening supplies. The grant application was on the councilís meeting agenda and was officially approved when it came to a vote.

Marshall read a letter from Charles Guthrie of the University of Idaho civil engineering Capstone Design Project which is currently considering solutions to the Highway 93/Courthouse Drive intersection maze. Guthrie said there are many things about the intersection that could be solved with some major changes and the students would appreciate the councilís input as they work on the project. He said the engineering team would like to schedule a question and answer telephone call when they get further into the design process. It was decided the engineers should talk with the Public Works Team and Chairman Waidely will coordinate the call.

In official business before the council the second reading of Ordinance 13-787 was unanimously passed after discussion. The ordinance deals with utility shut off procedures. The main change of procedure is in the amount of time given after the door hanger notice of shut off due to non-payment. The ordinance extends the current 24 hour notice for payment to three business days. The door hanger is issued when customers are two months behind on paying utility bills. Increasing the penalty fee was discussed but it was decided to leave it at one and a half percent of the amount owed.

Draft versions for Ordinance 13-788, which outlines extreme situations under which the council could provide temporary utility fee waivers, were discussed, the preferred language was selected and the first reading unanimously passed. The ordinance pertains to when a structure using city utilities is deemed destroyed or made uninhabitable by catastrophic event or when the city is unable to supply services.

Tom Whitson was awarded a four growing seasons haying and irrigation lease on the Sacajawea Center property for his high bid of $1650 per season. The lease will officially begin in March of this year and run through November 1, 2016.

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