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The Salmon City Council has made a unanimous decision to sell the city owned lots on Idaho Avenue at auction for a minimum bid of $12,500.

The decision came after many months of discussion and research into comparable sale prices. Ultimately the council agreed even though there are no utility connections to the three small lots they are adjacent to Kid’s Creek Pond and at a total of 9,337 square feet the property is large enough to house a building footprint of around 2,000 square feet, therefore will be valuable to someone.

A city water line runs in front of the property. The current sewer connection is 145 feet away. The line extension and connection fees would cost the property owner around $15,000 which added to an auction price of $12,500 would amount to $22,500 for a water front building site.

The property was offered at auction in 2010 at a minimum bid of $10,000 and there were no offers. The council is in agreement that trying to sell in this economy may not be the right thing to do and that city home building starts are way down, but at the same time it is not willing to give the land away. The council recognized the need for a city maintenance program on the property if no buyers are found.

An addendum to the lease between the Library Association and the City was passed unanimously. The addendum outlines what legal processes will be followed if and when the association chooses to sell the building it constructed on the city owned land. In the event of a decision to sell, the city will have first right of refusal. The addendum also amends/removes a clause that required the books to remain in the building if the Library Association moved from the premises.

The City Council voted to approve paying half of a $250 membership fee to the Community Transportation Association of Idaho. The county will pay the other half and both entities will become eligible for all the special training opportunities the association offers. The motion to pay the $125 passed five to one with Councilman Jim Kluesner voting against it.

Councilman Ken Hill, chairman of the city’s Public Safety Team, reported that Police Chief KV Felker answered the question of what will happen to recently replaced police vests. The Chief said the new vests are “tactical” vests and not considered every-day wear. He told the team some of the older vests will be issued to reserve officers and others will be kept for emergency situations.

The next meeting of the Public Safety Team will be March 13 at 5:15 in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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