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The cityís Parks and Recreation Team met on February 12th and meeting topics were reported to the Salmon City Council by Team Chairman Jim Kluesner.

The team is looking into alternatives for resurfacing floors at the swimming pool facility. Kluesner said that team member Jim Bockelman has contacted the Concrete Envy Company and has received an estimate of $23 per square foot. The floor surface is 1448 square feet. The surfacing involves a quartz system. City Administrator George Ambrose will look into what it would cost to have city crews provide the grinding and labor.

Parks Superintendent Charlie Cockrell explained the need for new trees along the new City Park fence line. He said he will need around ten trees in a mixture of pine and maple and that he will plant larger trees for a better survival rate.

Kluesner said the team discussed vandalized bathrooms at Island Park and at the Sacajawea Center. Surveillance cameras were suggested as a possible solution. The subject will be taken to the Public Safety Team.

The subject of sidewalk snow removal was discussed at the February 13 meeting of the Public Works Team according to a report by Team Chairman Fred Waidely. According to city code snow removal is the responsibility of abutting property owners, who will be contacted if not in compliance and, if necessary, could be charged for snow removal services.

Waidely told the council many of the sidewalks have been being plowed by Mr. Jackson with his ATV. Waidely said that while that is a fine and well-meant contribution the plow blade has been knocking the transducers off water meters mounted in the sidewalks. Waidely said that because the units are expensive and time consuming to replace the ATV method of snow removal is not a solution. The Public Works Team also discussed snow and ice buildup in street gutters and is asking property owners to avoid shoveling sidewalk snow into gutters whenever possible. Waidely said the city will make every effort to keep the storm drains open and snow melt running in the gutters.

The Public Works Team is recommending the City Council appoint a special ad hoc committee to perform a comprehensive review of the entire City Transportation Plan. This year marks the pivotal half way point in the 20 year plan. Team member Councilman Jim Baker suggested research into potential funding resources for Transportation Plan update projects.

Waidely said the recent ice jam near town is an issue of concern to the city and did cause an abnormal amount of flooding on the island. He said the ice jam is due to a new gravel bar forming just north of the island and trees on the riverís east bank that have grown quite large. The team asked City Administrator George Ambrose to contact the Army Corps of Engineers for advice and some action alternatives.

The next meeting of the Public Works Team will be March 13 at 2PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room. The Parks and Recreation Team will meet on March 12 at 10AM in the Sacajawea Centerís Learning Center.

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