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The Salmon City Council has renewed an annual $1 per year lease agreement with the Salmon Golf Association and will be looking into other agreements in the cityís golf course file.

The golf course topic was placed on the councilís March 6 agenda by way of a scheduled financial report by Golf Association President Dr. Brian Barry. He submitted the associationís 2013 budget and told the council much progress has been made since 2011 when the association was faced with a loss of $20,000. Barry said even though the organization is still feeling the effects of that year a very good job of budget balancing has been done and things are moving in a significantly positive direction. Fees had to be raised again this year in order to achieve a balance in the budget. He said, ďIím hoping that at the end of this year when we look back and we see whatís spent versus what was made that we can hopefully freeze our prices for a little while and have the prices stable for a couple of years. And, that weíre going to be sitting in a good spot.Ē

Since the golf season is due to begin in the next couple of weeks and the lease in question had expired, the council moved forward in approving it. The approved lease covers only the associationís use of the Clubhouse building which includes a liquor license and sales provision. In his research into the annually renewed agreement Councilman Jim Bockelman found another agreement that is in place and pertains to actual Salmon Valley Golf Course operations. He asked if that lease, written in 2009, should also be reviewed on an annual basis. He said it contains details of course management and a requirement for insurance but not specifics on liability amounts. It was agreed those agreement details should be checked for needed updates and that the city would like golf association members to participate in the discussions which will be conducted by the cityís Parks and Recreation Team.

After being briefed by City Attorney Fred Snook on action options available, the council voted to deny a 2012 request for compensation from Bill Schlenk. Schlenk had suggested the matter either be tabled or moved into an executive session. The council decided to proceed with a decision. Councilman Jim Kluesner abstained from the vote. Councilmen Ken Hill, Jim Baker, Fred Waidely, Jesse Bender and Jim Bockelman voted to deny the compensation request.

A Professional Services Agreement to begin in April between the city and Jeremy Drake was approved by the council. The agreement is for Drake to pasture his miniature horses at the Sacajawea Center. In return Drake provides horse cart rides during various Center events and at times supplies animals that children can pet. It was agreed having the miniature horses on display at the center has been a popular attraction and is an asset to the facility. The vote to approve the agreement for 2013 was unanimous.

A date for a public hearing on the cityís proposed 2014 fiscal year budget was set for July 17 at 6:15PM. The budget will be published in the newspaper prior to that date and the hearing will be held during the City Councilís second meeting of the month.

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