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The Salmon City Council has passed a motion to allow Idaho Adventures to continue operation as a Class B establishment just as it was when first approved 14 years ago.

The definition of a Class B is a complex of businesses such as a small mall that by nature of the arrangement shares a common restroom facility. Even though the Idaho Adventures building is not physically connected to the nearby complex it at the Main Street/Courthouse Drive/Highway 93 intersection it has always used the adjacent building’s facilities, therefore has sewer and water available, and was approved according to interpretation of city codes at the time of construction. The city council felt whether or not that interpretation was correct or not is a moot point since the decision was made many years ago.

The business classification recognition is the result of research into the Idaho Adventures free standing location in relation to a 1992 city code that decrees every existing premises within the boundaries of the city that is occupied or occupiable after November 1, 1992 by any person, or as a newly built premises designed for occupancy after that date of passage, is ordered to be connected to the public water system. The original approval and code interpretation held sway for Idaho Adventures and also brought up a need to re-examine any possible code conflicts.

The motion for continued ‘as is’ operations passed on a five to one vote with Councilman Jim Kluesner voting against it. It had been recommended previously that the establishment begin paying user fees so the next decision will be on what basis to assess the business its share of utility service fees. The city staff will look into fee precedents and report to the May 1 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

During Roundtable discussions Kluesner informed the council of extensive damages being inflicted on the Island Park public facilities. He advised the council to include surveillance equipment in the next city budget and to be open to such suggestions by Police Chief KV Felker. Initial estimates investigated months ago were around $6,000. More recent figures will be obtained.

Mayor Leo Marshall urged council members to submit letters and comments to the Forest Service on an Environmental Assessment of a Meridian Beartrack Company proposed drilling program before the April 7 comment period deadline. Last year only one in 20 mining permit proposals submitted were processed by the agency and the council has been encouraged to make additional comments on that topic to the new Salmon Challis National Forest Supervisor. Councilman Jim Bockelman suggested getting the area’s US House Representative and the state’s Senators involved in moving mining operations to a higher position on the Forest Service Priority list.

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