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The Sacajawea Center’s Spring Fling was a success according to a report given by Kim Beck to the Sacajawea Center Team. She told the team that there was a total of 54 participants over the three day event and that not counting staff time there was a $215.29 profit. She attributed the success of the Fling to all the great volunteers who are very much appreciated.

Team Chairman, Councilman Fred Waidely, told the Salmon City Council’s April 17 meeting that the teacher training for the Bureau of Land Management modules would take place April 20. Over ten teachers from Fort Hall are expected to be in attendance. Bonnie Jakobus was hired as the trainer through a professional services agreement with the city. The program modules were financed by way of a grant from the National Park Service. A program presented to Carmen Charter School students by Leo Ariwite and videotaped by Chuck Kempner will be the first software application, or App, of the module program. Creation of the software application is being funded by a grant from the Steele Reese Foundation.

Waidely said the four Heritage Garden rental plats are rented and the raised beds are constructed and ready to plant. He also said Vista volunteers will be on board by the end of the month and Beck will be meeting with County Ag Agent Shannon Williams to establish the volunteer’s job duties. He said the team was informed by Gordon Stevenson that the new sprinkler system being installed by city crews will be finished by the end of the week. It will save many hours of Stan Barkley’s time and will greatly improve water use efficiency.

The seasonal Food for Thought program will begin as of the first Friday in May and Waidely said it will feature some great topics. Waidely said the Center Docents are scheduled to begin training meetings and that Interpretive Center cleaning schedules will be set. The team expressed thanks to the Department of Labor program which has supplied a 40 hours per week helper. Waidely said the center is very fortunate to have the worker who does everything from gardening to wood treatment. He said the center continues to have issues with its sound system and is researching solutions. The Learning Center building’s exterior siding is still an issue. Waidely said the contractor is supposed to be sending a crew to resolve the problems.

Councilman Ken Hill, Chairman of the city’s Public Safety Team, relayed a request from Calvary Chapel for a stop sign on Shanafelt Street at the Church Street intersection. He said the chapel has building plans for property it owns on the north side of Shanafelt which may change traffic patterns. It was recommended that installation be delayed until traffic flows indicate a need.

The Public Works Team will meet May 8 at 2PM. The Public Safety Team will meet May 8 at 5:15 PM. Both meetings will take place in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room and are open to the public.

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