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Seasonal renewals of agreements with softball and baseball associations have alerted the Salmon City Council to the need for yearly updates on terms, personnel and contact addresses.

The sports agreements involving use of City Park facilities have mostly to do with who does what in terms of grounds maintenance, insurance and the no-dogs- allowed rules. Most of those issues have been worked out over the years but not all of the solutions have been incorporated into all of the written agreements. Lack of communication was ruled the oversight culprit and the cause behind lack of communication was attributed to a lack of updated addresses and yearly organization personnel lists.

At its April 17 meeting the Salmon City Council decided that all agreement details and assignments of responsibilities, not just those with sport organizations, need to be reviewed on an annual basis. That will include any long-standing or recent Memorandums of Understanding (MOU).

The annual reviews will not only refresh details for organizations involved, it will bring any new council members up to date as they take office. It was further decided that records of all contracts, agreements and MOUís will be kept in the City Clerkís Office for easy referral.

Council members were willing to set aside time to review all existing agreements for needed updates or weaknesses and if a work session is needed to accomplish the task one will be scheduled.

Agreements with baseball associations for the upcoming season have been submitted and signed. One that has not been resolved is with the Salmon Co-Ed Softball Association.

Jamie Bockelman presented the council with the softball organizationís issues over fence maintenance. She said the Softball Association doesnít have the funds to repair the fences. Furthermore she said since city mowers are partly to blame for fence damages the repair expenses should be shared. The resulting thorough discussion is what led the council to see a need for a total review of all agreements, contracts, annual renewals and terms.

A motion to accept the Salmon Co-Ed Softball Association agreement as written, with all the penciled-in changes, failed to pass. Councilmen voting against were; Ken Hill, Jim Baker, Fred Waidely and Jim Kluesner. In favor were, Jim Bockelman and Jesse Bender.

A follow-up motion by Councilman Jim Baker was to approve the agreement with the penciled-in changes except for the change that removed association fencing responsibilities. That motion passed five to one, with Councilman Bockelman casting the no vote.

Baker said his advice would be that the Salmon Co-Ed Softball Association approach the Local Option Tax Commission with a request for fence funding.

One of the suggestions concerning the overall review of city agreements was to place each newly updated agreement on the cityís web site so all parties can access them. Another was to have all associations report to the council, or the appropriate city subcommittee, on a scheduled annual basis.

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