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The Salmon City Council wrapped up several items of business at its May 15 meeting with the approval of resolutions and agreements.

An agreement for this year’s Softball Association season was approved unanimously as was the renewal of a Rural Idaho Economic Development Program and Association resolution. The council approved Resolution 2013-3 with an expiration date of 2016. City Clerk Mary Benton explained the resolution is related to a grant application by the Lemhi County Economic Development Association. She said the resolution shows support and does not commit the city to supplying any funding.

Resolution 2013-4, the Non-Discrimination Policy and Discrimination Complaint Procedure, was passed unanimously. It pertains to the grant funds for the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The resolution was required in order for federal funds to be released to the city.

Wellard Construction was officially awarded the Fulton Street sidewalk project and, contingent on county approval, the rebuilding of the sidewalk, curb and gutter in front of the Courthouse. The Courthouse portion of the project is separate from the Fulton Street project but will be included with an official approval from the County Commissioners. The total cost for both will be $59,200. The council unanimously approved.

The City Council then approved a retail beer and wine license application for “The Hub of Salmon.”

In honor of the sesquicentennial of Idaho and the 50th anniversary of the Lemhi County Historical Society and Museum, Mayor Leo Marshall proclaimed June as History Month in the City of Salmon. An anniversary party at the museum on June 7 will be the first of several history events scheduled throughout the month. On June 12th Leo Ariwite will present a history of the Lemhi Shoshone; on the 19th a presentation of regional geology and on the 26th Fred Snook will recount the history of the city of Salmon. Those three events will take place at noon in the Town Square Park.

Councilman Jesse Bender announced the portion of highway she had proposed the council adopt has already been adopted so she will be calling the state for other availabilities.

As the meeting ended City Attorney Fred Snook read a letter from William Schlenk in which Schlenk stated “…my addition has been removed” and wished for harmony to be restored. The letter eliminated any need for a previously scheduled hearing. Snook read the letter for the public record.

Snook then took the opportunity to say how much he has appreciated working with City Administrator George Ambrose and wished him well even though he sides with the council in its hope Ambrose doesn’t retire. Ambrose turned in a letter of resignation on May 10th which the mayor is steadfastly declining to accept. Depending on whose will prevails, that evening’s council meeting might have been Ambrose’s last after five years as City Administrator.

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