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The cityís Parks and Recreation Team met on June 11 and according to team Chairman Councilman Jim Kluesner sharing power costs at the Golf Course was one of the topics discussed.

He told the June 19 meeting of the Salmon City Council that Parks Foreman Gordon Stevenson will check on gallon usage and percent of acreage to see if the power bill on the pump is being divided fairly. The results will be sent to the cityís Finance Team. The Parks and Recreation Team also recommend that the mayor sign an easement for an underground power line to City Parkís Sever Field.

The team started a discussion about the possibility of including the purchase of a new 60 inch cut lawn mower on the Capital Improvements fund list. The discussion continued as a council meeting agenda item. Councilman Jim Bockelman said it takes a long time for the two smaller mowers now being used to do the job which was why he suggested looking into the feasibility of replacing them with a larger machine. Prices for a 60 inch mower run from $17 to $19 thousand.

Councilman Ken Hill mentioned the mowers now in use are seven and eleven years old and approaching the end of their life spans. Kluesner said when a replacement is obtained one of the older mowers could be used at the Sacajawea Center. City Finance Director Amy Fealko said she will develop a Capital Improvement budget priority list for the next Finance Team meeting.

Parks Foreman Stevenson told the Parks and Recreation Team he has met with County/City Building Inspector Gary Goodman about what it would take to bring the City Park restroom into building code compliance. The opinion was the expense would be better put to use building a new restroom similar to the one on Island Park. Such an expenditure would have to come through the Capital Improvement fund.

Recreation Director Judy Barkley told the team the wheelchair lift at the swimming pool hasnít worked properly for some time. Kluesner said the team recommended she get it fixed and she is checking on the liftís warranty. The diving board is being repaired and Barkley said she has found another slide that is available. The team recommended she check the budget to see if there is money for the purchase.

The Parks and Recreation Team would like the swimming pool to be open on Sundayís. It was recommended that perhaps that could be tried for a month to see if attendance warrants Sunday operation. Team member Bockelman recommended some river bank work be done on Island Park where it has eroded.

The next meeting of the city Parks and Recreation Team will take place at the Town Square Park on July 9 at 10AM. The meetings are open to the public.

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