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Salmon City Councilman Fred Waidely told the June 19 meeting of the Council that the city’s Public Works team tended to several issues at its meeting earlier this month.

Waidely reported the drainage problem on Lena Street has been studied by Steve Frazee of Frazee Engineering PLLC and results of a grade survey show that portion of the street has a minimal but sufficient difference in elevation to provide adequate drainage. The grade survey showed there is a low area between the North Wind Environmental Inc. establishment and the Youth Employment Program building that the city needs to address for proper street drainage. It was determined that much of the excess drainage is coming from a private property so consultation with that property owner will be necessary to resolve the problem.

Frazee also presented the team with photos and descriptions of the sidewalk inspection tour in which he participated last month along with City Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt, Building Inspector Gary Goodman and City Councilman Waidely. Frazee outlined repairs needed to preserve areas of structural integrity. Waidely said that even though city code requires property owners to maintain adjacent sidewalks there are areas of utility related sidewalk intrusions the city will catalog and prioritize for scheduled repairs. The state will be resurfacing Main Street during the summer of 2014 and with a goal of the least intrusions possible, the city will coordinate sidewalk repairs with the state’s work schedule.

Waidely said a property line adjustment request from Mike Beers was not considered by the team since Beers was not present and the city does not consider his proposal acceptable as presented. The team will schedule a future meeting with Beers to discuss his request further.

On the subject of water/sewer disconnect/reconnect policies the Public Works Team suggested the possibility of adopting a new, more lenient policy for previous customers featuring a grace period for reconnecting without having to pay the full connection fee. During the City Council meeting it was decided that Councilman Jim Baker will write a draft version policy for council review, containing the newly recommended reconnect policies, terms and time frames.

Waidely said the team has been told that the Pathways Project, along highway 28 to City Park, is on hold until Dahle Construction receives an official notice to proceed from the Idaho Transportation Department.

The next meeting of the Public Works Team will be July 10 in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room at 2 PM. The public is invited to attend.

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