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Items of business before the July 17 meeting of the Salmon City Council included approving an Island Park camping restriction waiver request. The waiver will allow a security person to camp overnight on the island August 2nd to watch over equipment put in place for the annual Blues, Brews and Barbecue Festival scheduled for August 3rd.

In an update on construction of a Pathway along Highway 28 from the area of Arnold’s Automotive to City Park, City Clerk Mary Benton reported that Steve Frazee of Frazee Engineering PLLC is coordinating the surfacing part of the project with the Idaho Transportation Department and the HK Contractors firm that will be providing paving for the airport project now underway. She said Frazee is in contact with all the participating entities and has confirmed the pathway paving will take place.

Councilman Fred Waidely added that the gravel bed on the pathway will not be put in place until shortly before the surface is applied in order to assure the gravel remains undisturbed prior to paving.

The council briefly discussed thoughts related to whether or not a full time City Administrator is needed. It was decided that the hiring of specific project specialists on a case by case basis is working well. City administration consists of two aspects; oversight of personnel matters and the various capital projects the city undertakes. Mayor Leo Marshall is now in charge of city personnel, City Clerk Benton oversees all city office details and a suggestion was made that perhaps the council could consider a part time administrative assistant to keep track of and help coordinate project progress reports as well as assist the clerk and the mayor when needed.

Consideration of the needs and options will continue.

The reappointment of Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Kathleen Brown was postponed until council members have time to read the minutes of the last P&Z meeting which former P& Z Chairman Waidely described as controversial and heated. He said from reading the minutes he felt Brown had done a commendable job of staying with the meeting’s agenda and maintaining control. Councilman Ken Hill was in attendance at the meeting and said he agreed with Waidely’s assessment. Waidely said the meeting in his opinion was not the way city business should be conducted however given the meeting’s contentiousness level it was handled as professionally as possible.

Councilman Jim Kluesner said he has had complaints about people not being allowed to express their views. During a public comment period following the council discussion and vote former P&Z Commission member Scott Benton adamantly disagreed with residents of a city/county impact area being told they did not have a say in the proposed zoning change because they were county residents. Benton said. “I have an issue as a citizen of Salmon, Idaho that we’re not listening to what people are saying and we’re presenting information that is not in completed form, for the City Council to make a decision on.”

The vote to postpone Brown’s reappointment was passed on a four to two vote and will be considered at the council’s August 7 meeting.

The issue of contention concerns a proposed Development Code zoning change that would allow apartments and duplexes on the Bar Hill. The zoning currently in place designates the area as low density residential.
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