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Salmon City Council President Jim Baker presided over the August 21 council meeting. He explained that under the rules he would still be able to vote on issues while leading the meeting however with the absence of the mayor there would be no tie breaking mechanism available and a tie vote would result in whatever was being voted upon not passing.

The Salmon City Council is comprised of six members plus the mayor. The mayor does not vote except in the event of a three to three tie.

The council’s first order of business was approval of a request from high school student Deshka Olson to hold a Walk for Type I Diabetes. She said this would be her Senior Project. The projected route for the 3.5 mile walk (5k) would be from Cavaness Park to Front Street, then up the hill to the Hockey Rink and back down to Island Park and across to Cavaness Park, ending at the starting point.

The evening of September 28 was selected as a tentative date and Olson was asked to call Police Chief KV Felker in advance of that date with an estimate of how many walkers will be participating.

The third and final reading of Ordinance 13-790 was unanimously passed by the City Council. The ordinance details appropriations outlined in the city’s 2013-14 fiscal year budget. The total amount of all appropriations is $3,539,607.

The Council decided to table an offer from Summit Bank which involved the city renting the bank’s newly purchased property across the street from City Hall for one dollar a year until such time as the property is developed. Even though the lot would have value to the city in the form of extra downtown parking, the council wants time to research possible maintenance and liability issues that might come along with a rental agreement.

The City Council voted unanimously to deny a Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office request for $85,000 to pay for Dispatch Services rendered. As the council discussed the bill it was decided that while the city is moving towards some sort of compensation for the Dispatch expenses no money was earmarked for those services in this fiscal year which is about to end. The council would also like to see a more detailed billing containing a breakdown of itemized expenditures. A sum of $10,000 was allocated to Lemhi County Dispatch Services in the city\'s newly adopted 2013-14 fiscal year budget.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will take place on September 4 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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