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During the Salmon City Council’s August 21 Roundtable discussion it was announced that due to the fact there are no records to indicate the Pathway to City Park project was advertised for bid, the current contract with Dahle Construction is null and void and the project has ground to a stop.

Councilman Fred Waidely reported that former City Administrator George Ambrose apparently called in a few local contractors, explained the project, and then awarded the pathway contract to the lowest bidder which was Dahle. The pathway project involves federal dollars therefore a formal, published invitation to bid is a mandated part of the process. The discovery was made when the Idaho Transportation Department asked to see where the pathway project was posted and city grant writer Mary Cerise was unable to find any record.

Waidely said Dahle’s is being extremely cooperative and will resubmit a project proposal once it is advertised. Cerise is working on the city’s 200 page contract proposal which is in need of some modifications due to federal standards. Waidely said the city is aiming at getting the official invitation for bids in the August 29 edition of the Recorder Herald and will hopefully be able to award the project at the council’s September 4 meeting. He said it is imperative to complete the official process while HK Paving/Asphalt contractors are still here working at the airport and said the pathway must be completed by the end of this year or the funding will go away.

Waidely also reported a problem resulted on the Courthouse Drive portion of the sidewalk project when one of the city water lines that runs from the river to the treatment plant broke and sent water gushing down Courthouse Drive. The water washed out some asphalt. Waidely advised the council to expect a change order from the contractor due to the damage caused by the city’s broken pipe. In regards to the waste water treatment plant project Waidely said everything is on track, on schedule, on budget and looking good.

Council President Jim Baker said a review has been received from the Army Corps of Engineers on the Lemhi Flood Reduction Project. Baker said the Corps rated local dykes as minimally acceptable overall and said there were some unacceptable items. He will send the report to the city Public Works Team for review and recommendations and he will check into the Corps’ local easements.

Councilman Jim Bockelman said that now there is a new administrator at the Salmon Business and Innovation Center, responsibility for the condition of the building’s rain gutters needs to be decided. He said previous snow slides off the facility’s roof have damaged the gutters and repairs should be made before winter.

Councilman Jesse Bender announced the city has officially adopted a portion of Highway 93. The segment assigned begins at the Lemhi Hole and extends for two miles to the north, from mile post 306 to mile post 308. The adoption is in league with the county and staff members as well as elected officials from both entities will be sharing the highway clean-up duties.

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