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Councilman and Finance Team Chairman Jim Bockelman reported Finance Team meeting topics to the August 21 Salmon City Council meeting.

He said City Finance Director Amy Fealko told the team that as of its August 13 meeting all the figures were not yet compiled but there was nothing out of the ordinary to report. That led to a discussion about whether the team was meeting too early in the month. Team member Jim Baker noted that most of the year there is no desperate need to have all the numbers available for the team meeting however as the budget year draws to a close he would like to have the August September numbers available for team discussion. It was decided that Fealko’s verbal report has been enough for the team meetings and that the monthly financial report is distributed to the City Council in a timely manner. The next question was, is it mandatory that Fealko give the council a monthly financial review. The team will consider options and decide on what to present as a plan.

Bockelman said Mayor Leo Marshall gave an overview of an Eagle Scout Project that would involve repainting several city fire hydrants. Upon discussion it was decided there is no need for the Finance Team to be involved in recommending the cost-of-paint funding request since that can come from the appropriate department’s maintenance budget.

Lemhi County has sent the City of Salmon an $85,000 bill for the Dispatch Services supplied to the city by the county. There was nothing budgeted for Dispatch in the city’s 2013 budget. A figure of $10,000 for county Dispatch Services was included in the 2014 budget. Bockelman said the Finance Team thinks there should be a discussion by the full council as to whether the bill should be paid.

At its August 7 meeting the council majority voted to submit an application for a ‘Community Choices for Idaho’ grant being made available by the Idaho Transportation Department. Bockelman said the Finance Team feels there should be more council discussion on the sidewalk portion details of the grant such as how many feet of downtown sidewalk are in need of repair and how much that repair would cost. If awarded, the grant would be in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management and Salmon Valley Stewardship and would include a pathway to the Shoup Bridge.

Bockelman told the council that a request from the Golf Association to increase the city’s portion of payment on the irrigation pump power bill to a fifty-fifty share resulted in a recommendation to see if there is a way to determine how much is being used by the golf course and how much by City Park. No figures have been obtained as of yet and Fealko will meet with Idaho Power to see what can be done towards a more equitable cost split.

Councilman Jim Baker advised the team of a probable survey expense in the Monk Street area and that work needs to be done to resolve a storm water issue at the intersection of Water and VanDreff streets. He thought that could be a future Capital Investment project.

The next meeting of the Finance Team will be September 10 at 11AM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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