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The Public Works Team has met twice during the month of August. Chairman Councilman Fred Waidely reported on both meetings at the August 21 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

On August 9 a special meeting was convened at the on-site location of Monk Street and 2nd Avenue to discuss needed property line adjustments on properties belonging to Mike Beers and Milton (Jock) Slavin. City Attorney Fred Snook explained the areaís history as well as the cityís involvement with utility rights-of-way.

Waidely said Beers wants to install a fence to keep deer from eating his vegetation, Slavin wants to develop his property as a future building site and the city wants to secure water and sewer utilities on city owned property. The cityís Monk Street sewer line runs under property now owned by Beers. Beers agreed to negotiate a possible relinquishment of about five feet of property adjacent to the line which in effect would place the sewer line within the city right-of-way.

Waidely said the group then focused on where the Beers property extends into the established roadway on Snook Street. Beers agreed to negotiate an adjustment of his property line in order to eliminate the problem. Slavin said he is willing to have his property line at the south corner of 2nd Avenue moved in order to improve the turning radius at that corner.

A new lot line survey will be required to make the changes and the city will stand the expense. The Public Works Department will use spray paint to physically outline the proposed adjustments. The Public Works Team recommends the City Council approve the lot line proposals. The City Council passed a motion to have a detailed letter of understanding written which will include the responsibilities of all entities involved.

At the teamís August 14 meeting John Little asked about the feasibility of connecting his property, which is in the vicinity of 15th Street and Wyno Street, to city sewer and water services. After it was determined how much that would cost Little decided the expenditure would not be a sound investment and he will consult with City Planner Dan Maiyo about the possibility of de-annexing the property.

Brownie Orr has asked the city why the water pressure at his RV facility on Highway 28 is so low. The Public Works Department has changed the water meter that feeds the facility however the low pressure persists. During the meeting it was decided that the department will check the static pressure at the water meter and report its findings along with recommendations as to what corrective action may be needed.

The Public Works Team discussed available options for a new restroom at City Park and will be relaying various cost estimates to the Finance Team.

Waidely said that Willard Construction has submitted a change order on the Fulton Street sidewalk project in the amount of $806. After discussion the team determined the change order is not justified and recommended it should not be allowed since the city has no liability for act-of-God storm related damage at the construction site.

At the City Council meeting the question arose as to whether or not the sidewalk had been officially accepted and turned over to the city as a final and completed product prior to the August 1st storm which caused the damage. City Attorney Fred Snook advised more information be obtained before making a final decision. The matter was tabled until the councilís September 4 meeting.

The next meeting of the Public Works Team will be September 18 at 2PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room. The meetings are open to the public.

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