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During the Salmon City Council’s Roundtable discussion on September 4, Councilman Jim Bockelman quoted the state requirement for handicapped parking as one space per every 35 spaces of downtown street parking. He said he thinks there should be more than that and that it is up to individual cities to decide if more spaces are needed. He said he would like to see the Safety Team or the Public Works Team readdress the issue after it is determined exactly what will be happening in terms of sidewalk replacement and exactly what the state highway department will be doing with the new curbing. Bockelman also officially passed on to Mayor Leo Marshall a written explanation of a complaint against a city employee the councilman had received from a citizen.

The city is in the process of researching restroom options and Councilman Jim Kluesner once again brought up the issue of the City Park restroom not being wheelchair accessible. He also commented on how now that Councilman Jesse Bender has succeeded in getting the city two miles of highway to clean he’s wondering who among the council’s over 70’s will be picking up the litter. He recommended just paying some youngsters to do it. Even the mention that grabbers will be provided didn’t soothe his flexibility concerns. Later in the meeting when the date for the first highway clean-up was officially discussed it was decided the dates of October 10th or 11th will be suggested to the county. The county is the city’s highway adoption partner.

Councilman Fred Waidely reported the wastewater treatment plant upgrades are still on track and on schedule and he said the contractor is doing an excellent job.

When it became his turn for Roundtable remarks Mayor Marshall read two cards containing words of praise. One was about the West 1st Street resurfacing and Fulton Street sidewalk project. The card from Terry and Candice Donicht thanked the paving crews and City Clerk Mary Benton for keeping residents so well informed as to the work schedules and for the super new sidewalks. The second card was a high commendation for City Clerk Benton concerning the return of lost property.

The note was from Barbara Button of Boise and was written to name an ‘outstanding employee.’ Barbara wrote the story of how on August 1st she had left a camera in the City Center restroom. The camera did not have her name or any other form of identification attached to it but by the next day the Button’s daughter in Boise notified her traveling parents of its very unexpected retrieval.

The camera left in the restroom had been turned into the city. In an effort to learn who owned it Benton had reviewed the pictures stored in the camera and found one showing a pickup truck as well as the truck’s license plate. She enlarged the picture and had the police run the plate which is what led to finding the camera’s owner.

Button wrote, “In this fast paced world we are really amazed. Everyone forgets the regular caring people. It’s so refreshing to know they still exist. Kudos to Mary Benton! I’d keep her around. Thank you.” Signed Robert and Barbara Button. There was a PS that said, “We’ll be back.”

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