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Subjects during the Salmon City Councilís first Roundtable discussion of the month included a suggestion by Councilman Jesse Bender that a meeting with the Library Board be scheduled. She said now that the Library has secured the Lyons property it would be good to review the city/library agreement and get an idea as to the Libraryís time frame for rebuilding.

Councilman Fred Waidely reported the cityís wastewater treatment plant improvement project is still on schedule and on budget. Mayor Leo Marshall asked council members to provide a list of subjects to place on the agenda for a November City/County meeting. That meeting will take place in the Commissioners Meeting Room of the Brooklyn Annex on November 7th beginning at 9AM.

City Attorney Fred Snook brought the council up to date on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the city, Mike Beers and Jock Slavin. The agreement has to do with property line rearrangements and ownership changes involving small strips of land near Monk Street and Snook Street. The purpose is to allow the city to buy land that contains a city sewer line, resolve an encroachment onto city property and to facilitate bringing Snook Street into proper width compliance. The MOU spells out each entityís responsibilities. The council will study the document before agreements are finalized.

A date of October 10th has been set for a joint clean-up project on highway 93 North. Members of the city and county staffs will be collecting and removing extraneous debris along the two miles of roadway between the Main Street and Lemhi Hole intersections. The work crews will be meeting at 10AM on Island Park and finish the project with a potluck lunch.

The Salmon Rotary Club has been sponsoring the placement of a Christmas tree next to Kings Department Store for many years. The city provides its Public Works crews for the set up and dismantling of the donated tree. Long time Rotary Club member, Attorney Fred Snook, told the council the club has discussed the possibility of sometime in the future changing the tradition to decorating some of the live trees in Town Square Park. He said it has been reported that someone has donated a tree for this year so if the city wants to do the cutting, transporting, set up and take down, the Rotary Club would sponsor it as usual. If not, Snook said Rotary is prepared to do a Christmas program featuring existing trees at the park.

Mayor Marshall said step one will be to find out if a tree has already been offered. Step two would be to decide whether to commit city crews to again do the work or to start using permanent live trees. The general mood of council members was how nice lighted trees at Town Square Park would look and the room the park would provide for Christmas choirs and holiday gatherings. Snook will take the councilís opinion back to the Rotary Club for more discussion and planning.

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