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Grants Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise presented the Oct 2 meeting of the Salmon City Council with three change orders on the Pathway to City Park project. She said the cumulative total of the changes amounts to $2,850 which is still within the cityís matching funds contribution and therefore will mean no out of pocket expenditure.

The first change order had to do with changing specifications on the type of pathway surfacing. HK Paving was contracted to do the pathway surface. The company has been here all Summer working on the airport project and Cerise explained the FAA approved paving material used on the runway was available for the pathway and is probably a higher quality than the surfacing originally chosen. The pathway projectís specifications for surfacing were simply changed to match the materials available. There is no cost adjustment involved.

The second change order had to do with quality control and quality testing. The pathway project is federally funded with administration of the funds being handled by the Idaho Transportation Department. Quality control requirements come with the grant. Cerise said the change order extends the responsibility for quality control to the project contractor. She said that way the grant funds cover costs for the required testing rather than the city.

The third change order was ordered by Mother Nature. Cerise said there was no weather clause in the grant contract which is a lesson learned. Heavy rain came at a very crucial time and delayed the paving process. It was literally too wet to pour. The delay added a cost of $1,500 to the project and also assured there will be no long term problems as a result of paving at the wrong time. A council majority voted to approve the change orders as presented.

Cerise said the HK Paving crew went home to Idaho Falls to await better weather and is scheduled to return around October 7th. At that time they will resume the pathway work as well as several other local projects.

Cerise also reported the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is recommending that the city update its Transportation Plan. She said ordinarily an engineering firm would need to be hired to do the work for an estimated $30,000 however, because there has been no significant city growth in the past decade key statistics have not changed significantly and that eliminates the need for an outside firm.

The purpose of an update is to get present priorities aligned so that when the ITD or the Local Technical Assistance Council (LTAC) asks for a package of local needs there is one to present. She said that having a plan in place gives the community a better chance at the funding needed to get things done.

The cityís Public Works Team will act as a transportation committee and begin working on updating the cityís Transportation Plan priorities.

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