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Dr. Mark Oliverson D.M.D. is wanting to build a Dental Center in the area of Shoup and Margret streets.

At the October 2 meeting of the Salmon City Council City Planner Dan Maiyo presented for the council’s consideration a draft Development Agreement between the city and the Salmon Dental Center PLLC.

In attendance were Dr. Oliverson, whom Maiyo referred to as ‘the developer,’ and Dental Center project engineer Jeff Freiberg of Freiberg Engineering in Idaho Falls.

Maiyo said the Salmon Development code requires that prior to a final Platt, a development agreement must be put in place which assures city acceptance and inspection of public improvements. He said the ‘public improvement’ would be installation of an eight inch sewer main line extending approximately 316 feet from a 12 inch main in an alley between Main Street and Shoup Street to the location of the proposed Dental Center. Maiyo said the Development agreement assigns warranty and bonding of public improvements to the developer and details the responsibilities of the developer and the city.

Even though the initial review of the project placed responsibility for construction of the eight inch line on the developer Maiyo said there is a provision in city code that allows for a 50/50 cost share if the city wants to do that. Councilman Jim Baker commented that in order to consider a cost share the city would need an estimated cost and reasons why installation of the line would benefit the city.

Maiyo said Freiberg will be discussing further options with City Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt. Freiberg said he had just been made aware of a possibility of tying into an eight inch sewer line further north on Margret Street which he will be discussing with Shanafelt. Once the best option has been decided, cost estimates will be provided. Freiberg said that a very general estimate would be around $9,000 for the sewer line installation no matter which route is chosen.

Oliverson said he doesn’t understand why he has to install an eight inch main sewer line to service two lots when a service line would function just as well. He said since he is not a licensed developer he cannot be bonded and can’t get the liability insurance to work on city property as per code requirements. Oliverson stated, “At this point, it doesn’t make sense for me to put in a city main all the way down a city street, deed that back to the city and then pay taxes on it.”

He said he is just trying to build a new office building which will generate property tax revenue for the city. “And yet, this has become a roadblock and really it shouldn’t be. I mean you think about entrepreneurship in the town of Salmon…there’s not a lot of commercial property that is being developed. That’s just the fact of the matter. I think a lot of that is the roadblocks that individuals get into with the city.”

The proposed Salmon Dental Center subject will be put before the city’s Public Works Team at its October 9 meeting.

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