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During the first Public Comment opportunity at the October 16 meeting of the Salmon City Council Lorraine Hand reminded council members to be the Republicans they are registered to be.

She told the council she had checked into council membersí voter registration and found each to be a Republican. Hand quoted the party platform as including goals of less government, power to the people, respect for private property rights and fiscal responsibility. She urged the council to remember those goals when deliberating on the proposed Salmon Development Code. Two of her main concerns about the document are the Public Purpose Zoning and the codeís stated status of superseding prior private property agreements.

Dave Gusky is a new resident and property owner in Salmon. Prior to moving here he followed the Development Code debate through news articles. He expressed his hope that the council listen to and respect the local citizenry and that local citizens examine the issues. He said he hoped that council decisions will be made for the betterment of the community.

Greg Lowell told the council he considers the Public Purpose portion of the document the most dangerous. He said it opens the door to letting the city do anything it wants on lands so designated, without any public input. He said that designation has not existed before and isnít needed now.

The second Public Comment opportunity of the evening occurred after the lengthy council discussion on: Private property agreements to be honored in Development Code; Planning and Zoning Commission membership requirements and the Public Purpose Zones issues.

Gusky was disappointed the council didnít remove the Public Purpose section entirely even though it did add a requirement for public hearings on any changes to government owned lands. He said that still didnít protect him in the event his land adjoined a public property scheduled for a change of use and his was the only property affected by that change. He said in a public hearing setting he might be the only one to object.

Lowell complimented the council on its consideration of the peopleís needs however; he continued to have a problem with the Public Purpose Zone. He said even with a public hearing process the public could still be adversely affected and in his opinion the section as written should be thrown out of the document or redefined. He said it is sounding as if the council has already made decisions and amendments to the document prior to the required public hearing on Development Code changes. Lowell also wondered if council discussions were going to be limited to just a few items rather than all the public input on the document. He was assured the council will not limit discussions.

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