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A likely solution for connecting the dental center, being planned by Dr. Mark Oliverson DMD, to city utilities without excessive expense was discussed with the cityís Public Works Team when it met on October 9th.

Chairman of the team, Councilman Fred Waidely, reported to the October 16 meeting of the Salmon City Council that dental center project engineer Jeff Freiberg presented a plan that will not involve an expensive extension of the existing sewer line. Freiberg told the team he will obtain an agreement with Bob Jackson to extend a service line through Jacksonís property and connect it to the existing Warpath Street system. A lift station will need to be installed on each of Oliversonís two lots which are in the area of Shoup and Margret streets. The lift stations are to facilitate a two inch pressurized line that would connect to the cityís system. Waidely said Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt approves of the plan.

Grants/Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise gave the Public Works Team an overview of the cityís Master Transportation plan. The idea is to update the present plan thus developing a new one and saving the city several thousand dollars in the process. The current Transportation plan was written in 2003 and meant to suffice for 20 years with updates every five years. Cerise said the updated plan will need to be in tune with the countyís recently updated Transportation Plan. Waidely said Cerise explained the importance of the update in terms of being able to obtain grants for future projects.

The Main Street/Highway 93 North bridge intersection proposal from the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) was discussed by the Public Works team and it was decided that other options will also be considered. A poster of the ITD plan is on display at City Hall.

Waidely said that this Winter the cityís Public Works Department will be working on some Lemhi River levee deficiencies that the Army Corps of Engineers listed during a recent inspection.

The proposed design for a City Park restroom was discussed and Waidely said the team feels the interior could be much better. The team did not feel the facility should be unisex rather, offer separate restrooms for women and men. The group thought the menís room does not need two toilets but should have at least one urinal and that items such as sink mirrors and partitions should also be considered. A new design will be drawn and reviewed.

The next meeting of the Public Works Team will be November 13 at 2PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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