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A mortar and pestle artifact has been donated to the Sacajawea Center by William Richardson on behalf of Idaho Mines. The contribution was given in memory of Albert Friedland.

In his January 15 report to the Salmon City Council, Sacajawea Center Team Chairman/Councilman Fred Waidely said a meeting of the centerís partners was held in December. He said the partners will be working with the centerís staff to help formulate projects throughout the coming season.

Waidely said the centerís new director, Lin Grey, traveled with former director Judy Barkley to Fort Hall late last month. There they met with the Tribes and were assured the Tribes will be participating in this yearís Chokecherry Days by presenting various Native American Programs.

According to Waidelyís report Grey is also putting programs together for Chokecherry Days and welcomes any and all ideas for the event. She can be contacted at the Sacajawea Center or by calling 756-1188.

The next meeting of the Sacajawea Team will be on February 12th at 4:15 PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

Later in the meeting an official public hearing was held on the draft fee schedule that has been developed by Grey for the Sacajawea Interpretive Cultural and Educational Centerís Learning Center. There were no comments in favor or in opposition and the hearing was closed.

In discussions following the hearing Grey said the old fee schedule with its numerous full day and half day rental rates for whole room and half room facility space was confusing. She has proposed a fee schedule where rates are listed on a flat per hour basis with a minimum of three hours for the entire Learning Center and a minimum of two hours for the upper level and basement level area. Some discount incentives for center partners and non-profit organizations have been instituted.

State Statute requires that rent on a city owned facility cannot exceed the cost of running it. Councilman Waidely clarified that up until two or three years ago each partner was allowed four free uses of the facility per year which, due to the number of official partners, didnít leave much time open for room rental so the policy was changed. He said the proposed minimal amount charge seems fair.

A refundable $65 deposit has been waived for partners but is required of non-profit organizations and businesses. For rental of the entire building, center partners will be charged $20 per hour, nonprofit organizations $25 per hour and businesses $28 per hour with a minimum rental time of three hours. For the upper half of the building the rates per hour for a minimum of two hours will be $15, $18 and $21 respectively and for the basement level, $13, $16 and $18 an hour. There are also hourly rates for the ranch yard, Amphitheater, Meriwether Theater and group use area.

Waidely made a motion to accept the fee schedule as written and the motion was amended by Councilman Jim Bockelman so as to insert ďfee per hourĒ more clearly into the document. The new Sacajawea Center fee schedule was unanimously adopted as Resolution 2014-1.

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