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The Lemhi County Commissioners have decided to purchase the 6,000 yards of asphalt grindings left over from last summerís airport runway project. Dahle Construction has offered the material at $20 a yard and the material will be used in rebuilding the County Landfill Road which is one of the most heavily travelled roads in the county.

The commissioners along with Lemhi County Road and Bridge Supervisor Kerrie Cheney and Road Access Specialist Jay Davis discussed prices and road priorities at a January 27 County Commissioners meeting.

One yard of material contains two tons therefore the cost would equal $10 a ton. The asphalt grindings have been proven in other areas to be much more durable than chip seal resurfacing methods. The 6,000 yards of material would not be enough for the entire length of the road but would serve to cover a good portion of it.

The biggest expense involved in upgrading the Landfill Road will be constructing a solid sub base. The work would be done one section at a time. Financial components per mile include the cost of building the road base and cost of the grindings topped with a seal coat, plus labor and equipment. Even though the expenses add up to more per mile than usual repair methods the commissioners felt that given the amount of heavy-load use the Landfill Road has to withstand, it would be worth the quarter of a million dollars to have a road capable of handling intense traffic demands instead of dealing with one that is in constant need of costly repair.

Bannock County has experience in using the grindings material and their commissioners have offered to send a crew and equipment to help lay the materials and educate the local department as to application techniques.

Cheney said moving ahead on this project will mean pushing back some other road projects but the commissioners felt given the price offered for materials on-hand, as well as assistance from Bannock County, it is a good time to make the Landfill Road the priority that it is.

The commissioners gave the Road and Bridge Department an official go-ahead to start the process.

Davis expressed thanks to the office of US Congressional Representative Mike Simpson for its help in getting the Allen Bridge project to move forward after 20 months of delay.

Davis is asking the public for assistance in another bridge project. He said photos of the Shoup Bridge and adjacent camp ground during periods of high water would be very helpful in documenting the need for a replacement bridge. He may be contacted by phoning the County Road and Bridge Department Office at 756-2861.

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