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Lemhi County Commissioner John Jakovac is a member of the Targhee Regional Public Transportation Authority Board of Directors and according to him local TRPTA services will continue.

Jakovac said the county has contributed $5,000 for services through 2014 at which time the company will provide a four member team to assist with the transition of transportation services from TRPTA to the Lemhi County Economic Development Association (LCEDA) if such a move is actually decided. The calendar year for the company is April through March. He said there is a board meeting on February 18th where the subject will be discussed further as to future directions.

There were concerns earlier that TRPTA would discontinue services this coming April however Jakovac said that is not going to happen due to the county’s yearly contribution which has already been made. He said, “There has not been any decision by TRPTA. There is motion and direction of a transition between LCEDA and TRPTA but no final decisions have been made on how or when that will be done.”

On Monday, February 10, LCEDA Board Chairman Allen Howell, LCEDA Executive Director Tammy Stringham and Idaho Transportation Department District Mobility Manager Jeff Osgood met with the Lemhi County Commissioners to discuss the possible shift in transportation services. Osgood stressed the importance of establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the county and Lemhi Ride if transportation services become locally managed and operated. He said the MOU should clearly state what services will be provided by each party and put accountability measures in place.

Stringham said she would like to see a cost share agreement with the city for insurance and maintenance costs. Commissioner Rick Snyder discussed the expected life of the busses in terms of developing a vehicle replacement plan. Osgood said the smaller busses last around five years and the larger coaches have an age span of 15 years.

Commissioner Chairman Robert Cope said he hopes the TRPTA Board understands the concept that revenues generated in Salmon for the company are being used to subsidize other TRPTA service areas and that it only makes sense to, instead of sending money outside the area, reinvest it in Lemhi County.

The commissioners passed a motion to voice and make known support for LCEDA to move forward in establishing Lemhi Ride as the transportation provider for the county.

On Tuesday Jakovac reported that at the February 18 meeting the TRPTA Board made a motion to maintain services in Salmon for the 2014 year which runs from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015.

He said the company plans to have an application for 2015 ready to submit in case Lemhi Ride decides not to proceed with plans to provide local service. If Lemhi Ride does applies for the 2015 service year beginning April 1, 2015, TRPTA will not apply. Either way transportation services will continue to be provided in Salmon.

The application deadline date is February 24 and Lemhi Economic Development Association have said they will be ready to submit the forms.

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