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A request for a memorial bench to be placed in Island Park in honor of Jill Tiptonís brother was discussed by members of the cityís Parks and Recreation Team.

The team is headed by Councilman Rob Jackson who reported team activities to the February 19 Salmon City Council meeting. Jackson said the design of the bench and its placement were discussed and as soon as Tipton approved the price, placement and plaque the request will be passed on to the full City Council.

Island Park maintenance has always been performed by the cityís Public Works crews on an as needed basis. Jackson said the Parks and Recreation Team has started formulating a more long-range plan. He also said the pipes and valves of sprinkler systems at the girlís soft ball field and City Parks two other baseball fields have been installed. All three fields will now have automatic sprinklers. The next meeting of the Parks and Recreation Team will be March 12 at 3:30 PM.

The status of the camera security system approved last year was heard by the cityís Public Safety Team on February 11. Councilman Ken Hill is the team chairman and he told the council the system is still not fully functional. He said there are communication problems with the system and weather related access issues preventing completion of the Main Street installation. Hill said Computer Zen has been asked to provide a time frame within which all aspects of the system will be up and running. The team has expressed its concern about the system not working well by this time.

Hill said the team has been reviewing city parking regulations as well as some legal inconsistencies and has recommended some changes to bring them up to date and into state code compliance. The team is also submitting to the City Council recommended changes to the fee structure in regard to fines. The cost of a ticket for illegal parking has been increased from the current $3 fine to $25.

According to City Clerk Mary Benton this fee schedule change will be a two- step process. First an ordinance will be written to change the City Code. All city fees will be removed from the code and written in the form of a Resolution. She said a Public Hearing is required on the ordinance to change the City Code. The newly written Resolution will contain the schedule of all city fees. Because the fee for a parking violation has been raised more than five percent a public hearing will be required on that too. Benton said there are a couple of Sacajawea Center fee changes that will also be addressed in that public hearing. From then on fees can be changed by resolution rather than having to go through the ordinance process. The council passed a motion to proceed with that plan.

The Carmen School Bus stop on Water Street continues to be discussed by the Public Safety Team in terms of patron parking, use of the parking lot and the possibility of finding an alternative site for picking up and delivering the students. Hill said interested parties have voiced a number of concerns therefore no decision has been reached and discussions will continue. The team has invited the Carmen School administrators, Fire District representatives and parents to its March 12 meeting which will begin at 5:15 PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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