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January Local Option Tax (LOT) revenues were $285 over last January and the $4,475 collection is the highest to date for the first month of the calendar year.

LOT Commission Chairman and City Councilman Jim Bockelman told the March 5 meeting of the Salmon City Council that overall revenues for this year are down from the last fiscal year but are still $500 ahead of 2010-11 and 12.

The chairman presented four funding requests for LOT monies. The council approved three and tabled the fourth.

The Youth Employment Program Inc. asked for $9,000 to help with the ď12 Hours of Disco at Discovery HillĒ mountain bike endurance event. The race begins and ends in one day but as Max Lohmeyer of the Salmon Mountain Bike Association explained to the council, this year the plan is to add more attractions to give visitors an excuse to stay longer. He said the course is a great one and this will be the third year for the event that keeps growing in popularity. Lohmeyer said there were 71 entries the first year which more than doubled to 170 last year. This year preregistration shows a conservative estimate of 320 out of area visitors coming to Salmon for the race.

Proceeds go to support the improvement of Salmon area trails which in turn supports job training opportunities for young people. The council approved the request.

Salmon River Spokes and Chrome requested $4,000 to help pay for the yearly Fatherís Day Car Show. Bockelman said the requested figure amounted to 41 percent of the cost associated with the event. The LOT Commission recommended $3,500 be awarded.

Bockelman said the Car Show is a local favorite and draws up to 300 out of area participants who stay at least one night and generally two nights at local motels. Spokes and Chrome Club Chairman Brian Rogers told the council the club has been sponsoring the event for 29 years. Council President Jim Baker requested a more detailed report on how the money is expended, a list of sponsors and the amount each donates. Bockelman said the club turns in a financial summary after each yearís event. The council approved the LOT Commissionís recommendation of $3,500 on a five to one vote with Baker voting against it.

The Salmon Rodeo Team has asked for $$4,000 to go towards the District #1 High School Rodeo Finals held every year in Salmon since the 1950ís. Bockelman said the event generates crowds of rodeo fans who stay for at least two nights. Team Vice President Kaylaa Gutman told the council the Rodeo Team is not funded by the school district. She said the event has lost some sponsors due to the economy and that there are fewer students therefore fewer entry fees.

Most of the requested money is spent on awards for event winners and the rest is set aside for required ambulance services.

The council followed the LOT Commission recommendation to approve up to $4,000 for the Rodeo Team funding.

The Salmon Arts Council requested $3,400 for the 2014 Blues, Brews and Barbecue. Bockelman said attendance at last yearís Blues and Brews event was around 600 people. Plans for 2014 include activities on both Friday and Saturday to create more of a family festival flavor. The commission had recommended the council approve the request however since no one from the Arts Council was present at the council meeting Bockelman moved to table the request until a representative could be in attendance.

The next LOT meeting is set for March 25 at 5:30 PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.
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