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The Salmon City Council took actions at its March 19 meeting to officially end its relationship with the now defunct Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber closed its doors at the end of February at which time it owed the city $600 for six months of unpaid City Hall office space rent. The Council unanimously approved a motion to formally bill the Chamber Board for the delinquency.

The council also approved a motion to submit a bill for an inadvertent payment of a duplicate billing from the Chamber. Local Option Tax monies had been requested by the Chamber for a past event. The funds were approved and paid. When, much later, a duplicate billing was received from the Chamber it was paid before the duplication was realized.

The council approved sending a statement for the dual billing which amounted to over $900.

The third piece of official business connected to the late Chamber of Commerce was a motion to rescind $12,540 LOT approved for a Chamber marketing research plan to be done in conjunction with the Idaho Travel Council. That money had been approved but not paid at the time the Chamber shut down. The official action of rescinding the funds will make them available for other LOT requests.

All three actions had been recommended by the city’s Finance Team at its March 12 meeting. In presenting his report to the council Team Chairman/Councilman Jim Bockelman said the whole issue brought up issues of the city’s obligation to make sure LOT funds are used as requested which may mean making some changes to the current LOT Reimbursement Form.

The Finance Team concluded that the matter of a delinquency of LOT payments from one local motel should be addressed by the full council. At the March 19 meeting it was decided that City Attorney Fred Snook will write the next letter and it will contain an explanation of the legalities involved in non-payment. Ramifications include the potential for court action which could ultimately lead to an injunction against operating the motel. A date of April 15 was selected as a resolution deadline.

In other business before the Finance Team, City Finance Director Amy Fealko reported there has been no significant jump in power bills as compared to last year at this time. She also submitted a Water and Sewer Fund report that contained numbers from 2009 through 2013 as well as projections through 2015. Fealko said the questions to be considered are: whether to hold monies back for future plant and infrastructure improvements; use the buildup to pay down existing interest loans or to consider a reduction in cost to the public. The options will be further discussed and possibly sent on to the Public Works Team.

A report was submitted by Fealko about basing restaurant sewer fees on water usage rather than seating capacity. It shows both increases and decreases in costs to the customers. She will continue to research comparative costs from other cities.

The next meeting of the city Finance Team will be April 9 at 11AM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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