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The March 19 Salmon City Council Roundtable session was a platform for compliments to city public works crews.

Councilman Ken Hill offered kudos for the on-going patching of pot holes that are appearing at a very fast rate all over town. Mayor Leo Marshall seconded that thought and Councilman Fred Waidely added kudos to an appearance by the Public Works Department city water truck. He said you can now actually see the white lines on Main Street and things are starting to look good.

Councilman Russ Chinske thanked Councilman Fred Waidely for organizing a tour of the city’s water treatment plant and system. Chinske said he was really impressed with what he saw and believes that what the city is doing is a good thing for the river as well as a good thing for the city. He said the facility looks nice and like something that is going to last for a good, long time. He said he was glad to see first-hand how it all operated. Mayor Marshall suggested the possibility of a public Open House at the Water Treatment Plant sometime in April or May.

The water treatment plant tour subject brought a legal question from Waidely to City Attorney Fred Snook. He asked if taking the entire council, a full voting quorum, on a tour of the city facility would create an Open Meeting Law violation. Snook said not if the tour event was first placed on a published agenda.

Speaking of the Open Meeting Law, Mayor Leo Marshall cautioned council members to think carefully of what topics they bring up during Roundtable discussion. He has talked with the Association of Idaho Cities about the Roundtable segment of City Council meetings and has been advised to place most if not all topics on the agenda rather than introduce them spontaneously during a Roundtable format where there has been no advance notice to the public. Even though no official decisions are made during Roundtable, according to the Open Meeting Law the public should be forewarned before any topic is discussed during a public meeting.

Councilman Jim Bockelman reminded the council of the joint city/county Highway Cleanup Day coming up next month. The date set for the cleanup is Wednesday, April 16 and will be confirmed with the county. The plan is to gather for lunch at Island Park and then head for Highway 93 north.

Later in the meeting, and on the agenda, was a decision to present proposed zoning changes to the City Planning and Zoning Commission in May. The changes were discussed during an advertised council workshop that took place on March 13 and according to City Planner Dan Maiyo involve approximately 280 properties. He is researching the proper notification requirements.

April 23 was selected for the next Salmon Development Code City Council workshop. It will begin at 5:30 PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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