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Last year there was no traditional 4th of July Fireworks display due to the discovery the display has never been insured and how much it would cost to obtain liability insurance.

Salmon City Councilman Jim Bockelman has been encouraging local service organizations to take over the sponsorship but as yet none has stepped forward. The display itself has in recent years been funded by a trust fund specifically established for the fireworks show by Gary Anderson through the Chamber of Commerce. Other funding comes by way of $1,500 contributions from the City of Salmon and the Local Option Tax. The Chamber was the coordinating entity.

At the March 19 meeting of the Salmon City Council it was made clear the city, upon council approval, is still willing to participate financially but not be the sole sponsor.

City Clerk Mary Benton has conferred with the city’s insurer, the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program (ICRMP). She said the requirements in order for the city insurance to cover the fireworks display begin with the city being the sole sponsor of the event. The city would have to provide the fireworks technician, the display could not be near any residence, a city fire department would have to be standing by and city police would have to provide the security. Benton said “We don’t have any of those things.” She explained there is a residence in the area of the Discovery Hill fireworks site, there is no city fire department now that things have changed to a fire protection district and it is county law enforcement that provides patrols for the fireworks display, not the City Police Department.

Bockelman mentioned an idea being circulated about involving City Park facilities in the fireworks event. Later in the discussion Dr. Richard Natelson, the pyro technician for the fireworks displays, recommended against considering that park as a launch site because of falling embers in the proximity of nearby homes and a neighboring tire company. He also said he didn’t think golfers would appreciate the residue left behind by the fireworks. Mayor Leo Marshall recalled the traffic congestion problems when the fireworks display was held at the Fairgrounds and said the same would be true of after-the-show exiting from City Park.

Natelson said the cost of materials for the fireworks display will be $4,500. That does not include outside liability insurance. The cost of liability insurance last year would have been $678. The mayor has checked and found this year’s insurance rates stand at $712.25. Natelson said he will need a decision within a month in order to have the display ready by the 4th of July.

Marshall suggested finding a private non-profit organization willing to coordinate a fund raising campaign with donation buckets and KSRA radio Voice of the Valley appearances.

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