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Maximum Length (100 inches) Firewood Permit 4-11-14

The Salmon-Challis National Forest has added a restricted length firewood program. The implementation of this additional firewood program addresses unhealthy forest conditions due to recent insect epidemics, provides additional source of fuel wood to meet local demands, and will reduce un-natural fuel from insect epidemic impacted forested areas to reduce fire intensity. Additionally, due to the high numbers of dead trees along travel routes, this program should improve public safety by reducing snag hazards and should reduce the workload for road maintenance associated with clearing fallen trees from road ways, and since travel routes are often used for fuel breaks during fire management activities, by reducing the number of dead trees near the routes the risk of snag related injuries should be reduced and the costs of managing wildfires may be decreased.

Individuals can take up to 30 cords of firewood under this permit. Permits are valid from January 1 until December 31 of the year purchased. Firewood material cut and/or transported under this permit must not exceed 100 inches in length (8 feet, 4 inches), regardless of diameter. Only dead or down trees may be gathered under this permit. The permits cost $10.00 per cord and there is a $20 or two cord minimum purchase. A cord is the amount of tightly piled wood in a stack four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long.

Maximum Length (100 inches) Firewood Permits are available at local Salmon-Challis National Forest Offices and the Public Lands Center in Salmon.

It is especially important that the tree limbs and tops be removed from roads, road ditches, and culverts to prevent serious and costly road damage during periods of heavy rain or spring snow melt. Please take the time to remove the limbs and tops out of ditches and culverts to protect our streams and roads.

No firewood cutting is allowed with 200 feet of administrative sites, campgrounds, active timber sales, research natural areas, or other areas signed on the ground as closed to firewood cutting. In addition, no cutting is allowed within 300 feet of streams, lakes, ponds, or wet/boggy areas. Do not fall or drag trees across streams. Before you cut a tree, be sure it is dead. Check to see there are no green needles remaining prior to falling. Do not cut trees with signs on them. Standing dead trees (snags) play a role in supporting wildlife populations in the forest. They are a source of food, nests, perches, and protective cover for many birds and mammals. You may wish not to cut snags with broken tops, trunk holes, or visible nests to encourage wildlife continued use of the snags.

Additional information on North Zone and South Zone Maximum Cut 8 feet, 4 inch Length Firewood permits can be found on the Salmon-Challis National Forest Website by using the following link: Maximum Cut 8 feet 4 inch Length Firewood.

Forest wide information is available at the Public Lands Center at 208-756-5100.

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