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A 4.9 earthquake would be considered one of the lesser aftershocks in the Solomon Islands but in Challis and surrounding areas it came as quite a jolt.

Saturday evening at 6:04 a 4.9 earthquake occurred a little over nine miles north of Challis and sent strong shock waves as far north as Lake Creek which is 12 miles south of Salmon. According to the US Geological Survey it was located at a depth of three miles. That quake was followed at 6:23 PM by a 3.2 earthquake almost eight miles northwest of Challis at a depth of 3.7 miles. At 7:48PM Saturday evening there was a 2.6 quake 13 miles north of Challis at a depth of three miles.

On Sunday morning at 5:21 there was a 2.6 quake just over six miles north-north west of Challis at a depth of three miles.

No damages other than high adrenaline levels have been reported from the Challis events although the phone in the Custer County Sheriff’s office has been alive with calls.

World wise, early on Saturday afternoon the Solomon Islands were rocked by a 7.6 earthquake followed by 15 aftershocks up until midnight. The least of the shocks was in the 4.6 range and the top three strongest registered 5.1. On Sunday, up until 11AM Salmon time there had been 12 earthquakes in the Solomons including a 7.4 which set off another tsunami warning for the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. Depths of the quakes there have ranged from 21 miles to six miles beneath the seabed surface. The seven pointers have been in the 18 to 21 mile depth range.

Moving south around the ‘ring’ from this country’s northwest, other Saturday earthquakes included a 3.4 in Ferndale, California as well as a 2.6 in Malibu and a 2.6 in Oceanside. There was a 4.3 off the coast of Mexico on Sunday morning and a 4.6 in the country’s interior. Also on Sunday morning Chile experienced quakes registering 5.3 and 4.4.

On the western side of the Pacific ring in addition to the Solomon Islands quakes there have been earthquakes in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan and the Kuril Islands. Moving up the circle to the north there have been moderate earthquakes in Homer, Anchorage, Cantwell and Tanana, Alaska. In the center of the circle is a dot for Hawaii’s 2.5 earthquake on Saturday evening. Not wanting to be left out of the mix there were minor 2.8 to 3.8 earthquakes in Oklahoma and Tennessee on Sunday.

The earthquakes in the Challis area are the latest in what appears to be a series of comparatively moderate events that began a little over two weeks ago. Saturday’s 4.9 was definitely the strongest one so far next to the 4.1 quake that occurred in the same Challis area on April 10th.

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