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Public Works Team Chairman Fred Waidely told the April 16 meeting of the Salmon City Council that Richard Malcomb was a guest at the teamís April 9 meeting. He said Malcomb inquired if it would be possible to get a 300 foot portion of 11th Street paved.

Waidely said the reason that section did not get paved along with the rest of the street was it was obstructed by a wood pile when the paving took place. Public Works Department Superintendent Harry Shanafelt said the department can pave the section this year if the obstructions are removed.

A non-conforming building situation was discussed. Waidely said the building presently belongs to Eddy Fields and that it has previously been determined to be a grandfathered structure. It was originally built by Rick and Laverne Sessions on the footprint of an existing foundation and has since been purchased by Fields.

Councilman Rob Jackson is a member of the Public Works Team and is continuing to work on getting information for the design concepts of new bathrooms at City Park and Town Square Park.

The Public Works Team has forwarded to the City Council the new street names for 911 addressing which have been submitted by Polly Anderson, County E911 Specialist. All roadways in the city and county must have GPS (global positioning system) coordinated names so that emergency services people can pinpoint the location of the emergencies.

When the list was discussed by the council all but two of the addresses on the list of eight street names were approved. The roadway to the Sacajawea Center had been named Lewis and Clark Street and the roadway to the Salmon Police Department had been designated as Expedition Street.

There is already a Lewis Street in town and the council felt a second street name containing the word Lewis could lead to confusion. The council also decided that rather than call the entrance to the Police Department Expedition Street it would be easier to post signage indicating the location of the Police Department.

The County Building Department has notified all residents in the areas where street names have been added. The City Council will relay results of its review.

Waidely said Councilman Jackson has reported noticing several nuts holding the railing onto the Main Street Bridge are missing and that others appear to be working loose. The problem has been previously reported to the Idaho Transportation Department however, no action has as yet been taken.

The next meeting of the Public Works Team will be May 14 at 2PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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