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Even though the warm weather season is yet to be, the Salmon City Council prepared for next winter by accepting one of two propane bids at its May 7 meeting.

A bid with the set price of $1.47 a gallon from Salmon River Propane was accepted over V-1ís bid of $1.65 per gallon. Salmon River propaneís bid included a rate of $40.00 per hour plus parts if any labor is needed. V-1 listed a labor fee of $50.00 per hour. Both companies offered free safety inspections.

The city uses propane at the City Swimming Pool, the City Shop, the Salmon Business and Innovation Center and the City Water Works. The contract runs through April of 2015.

The council accepted a Northwest Farm Credit Services no-strings-attached $2,400 grant to be used to finish the re-design of the Sacajawea Center garden area and it gave Center Director Lin Gray the go-ahead to apply for an Association of Partners for Public Lands grant.

The associationís Young Leaders grant is for up to $3,000 to pay the salary of a young intern for the 2015 season. Gray said there would be a matching amount of $2,500 required which would come from the centerís budget.

A date of Thursday May 15 was set for the next Development Code work session. That meeting will begin at 5:30 in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room. Work sessions are not designed to accept public comments but the public is invited to attend.

The cityís Public Safety Team will be meeting May 14 at 5:15 in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room and the main topic will be about allowing ammunition businesses or businesses dealing with explosives to be conducted in residential areas. Public comments are welcomed at all city team meetings.

On May23 the city will hold a work session on emergency Dispatch expenses. That meeting will begin at 8AM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

City Clerk Mary Benton suggested a trade with the former Chamber of Commerce for back rent monies owed to the city. She recommended the Chamber of Commerce Water Wagon used to water Main Street flower baskets be turned over to the city along with the brochure kiosk outside City Hall. Benton said the kiosk could be used at the cemetery to display a map of where plots are located and a list of the gravesites. The Chamber owes the city $600 in back rent and around $900 for an accidental duplicate Local Option Tax payment. The council voted to proceed with the water wagon and kiosk trade.

During the councilís Roundtable Discussion Councilman Ken Hill offered kudos to all those responsible for the Grizzly Bear water feature across from City Hall. He said the display really spruces up the downtown area and is a great thing to see.

Councilman Russ Chinske encouraged everyone to see the Stream of Dreams student project on the fence along Highway 93 South. He said the Stream of Dreams team had been in town for several days working with Salmonís young artists and were very complimentary about the studentís work and polite demeanor. The fish decorations were due to go on fence display Saturday May 10.
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