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On May 7, Lemhi County Humane Society President Cindy Phelps presented the Salmon City Council with an overview of the organization’s year 2013.

Among the facts and figures she said the Animal Shelter housed 225 dogs during the year. Of that number 83 were adopted, 106 were reclaimed and 32 were transferred to placement facilities outside the area. Six of the dogs sheltered were under an impound order due to biting. She said they hold the animal and monitor it for any signs of rabies.

Four of the dogs were euthanized. She explained that even though this is called a ‘no kill shelter’ there are instances of illness or injury where there is no other option.

The number of feline guests was 123. Of those 103 were adopted, one was ‘bailed out’ by its owner, 14 were transferred to other rescue organizations and shelters and five had to be euthanized.

Phelps said that Pet Smart donated money to sponsor spay and neuter clinics for feral and free roaming cats. The donation will support the clinics for two years. Last year 127 surgeries were performed and the trapping program for this year is underway. When the surgery count reaches 200 Pet Smart will re-fund the program.

There were three low cost spay and neuter campaigns for dogs during the year. A total of 50 dogs were neutered and 53 were spayed.

According to Phelps the shelter’s occupancy rate pushed the limits for three months late last year with from 35 to 40 cats and 18 to 26 dogs. She said thanks to volunteers the numbers were handled until the Humane Society of Western Montana invited this shelter to transfer animals to the Missoula Adopt-a-thon. Fifteen dogs were sent to Montana and were adopted. She said it is the networking with outside facilities such as the one in Missoula, the Bitterroot Human Society in Hamilton and the Companion Animal Network in Victor, Montana plus the Boise Humane Society that makes it possible for this to be a ‘no-kill’ shelter.

One of the many improvements to the shelter last year was an isolation room for cats that was included in a parking structure built to house the van awarded in 2012 to the Lemhi County Humane Society by the Toyota Corporation. Phelps said many of the cats brought to the shelter last year were sick so they were very grateful to have a place to house them away from the general population. Other improvements during 2013 included some electrical and weatherization work for the Odd Fellows building thanks to a $10,000 grant from the CHC Foundation in Idaho Falls plus a donation from a board member. Two Humane Society members were sent to an Animal Cruelty Investigation School in Colorado. The week long training was presented by the University of Missouri Police Academy.

As to income, the Humane Society took in $228,999 last year. Phelps said that 77% of that came from the society’s Rags and Wags used clothing boutique. She made special mention of Bea Bielby who has been Rags and Wags coordinator since 1989 and was given the Lemhi County 2013 Volunteer of the Year award last February.

The city donates $10,000 a year and that money goes to the shelter’s utilities, supplies, maintenance and repairs. She submitted a report that shows a breakdown of costs in each category. She said she will be attending the next meeting of the city’s Finance Team to request a raise in the city’s yearly donation.

In answer to a question from Councilman Jim Baker the County donates $4,000 a year to the Humane Society and Phelps said that is in proper proportion to the number of city animals sheltered compared to those from the county.

Phelps said this year will see a continuation of the organization’s outreach and educational programs with many presentations to local school classes.

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