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A full fifty percent of voters registered in Lemhi County went to the polls on Tuesday to state their preferences as to which candidates should run in the November General Election.

There will be three contenders in the District 2 Commissioners race. Incumbent Rick Snyder took the Republican slot with 734 votes. That compared to 604 votes for F.H. Rowdy Davis, 494 votes for John Goodman and 127 votes for Dan Wolfe. The Democratic candidate Louise Wagenknectht received 111 votes. She and Independent candidate Allen Howell will challenge Snyder in November.

Merrill Beyeler was Lemhi County’s choice for District 8B Representative with 1,148 votes compared to incumbent Lenore Hardy Barrett’s 711 votes. The third Republican running for the office was Brent Adamson with 110 votes. Democrat Jocelyn Francis Plass received 103 votes and will face Beyeler in November.

In the race for County Coroner Mike Ernest tallied 946 votes compared to Chris Slavin’s 637 votes and John Bukiet’s 328. There were no Democratic contenders.

County Assessor Jenny Rosin retained her position by drawing 1,510 votes. Challenger Ray Muscarella received 452 votes. County Treasurer Mary Ann Heiser was unopposed and gathered 1,831 votes. Clerk of the District Court Terri Morton was also unopposed and tallied 1,812 votes.

Voters approved the School District 291 Supplemental Levy on a vote of 1,419 in favor and 614 opposed.

Eligible Williams Lake voters turned down formation of a fire district on a vote of nine against and two in favor. There are 17 registered Idaho voters in that community and 11 of them voted on the fire district question which equals a 64.71 voting percentage.

In the election for District 7 Judges, Gregory W. Moeller was unopposed and replaces himself. Bruce L. Pickett with 745 votes will succeed Judge Shindurling. Stevan H. Thompson drew 469 votes in his bid for the position and Scott J. Davis gathered 453 votes. Judge Darren B. Simpson retained his judgeship with 1,196 votes compared to Andre Linchenko Lawson’s 565 votes. Judge Joel E. Tingey also retained his position with 1,117 votes to Randy Neal’s 758 and Judge Dane H Watkins Jr. succeeds himself with 1,636 votes.

On the state level, Governor C.L. ‘Butch’ Otter won the county’s support with 1,182 votes. There were three Republican challengers. Russell M. Fulcher was awarded 559 votes, Harley D. Brown was given 102 votes, and Walt Bayes received 56 votes. Democratic challenger Terry Kerr was given 71 votes and A.J. Balukoff drew 49 votes.

The local choice for Lieutenant Governor went to Republican Brad Little with 1,087 votes compared to 623 votes for his challenger Jim Chmelik. Lawerence E. Denney was given 616 votes as the Republican to run for Secretary of State and Todd Hatfield was local voters’ choice for State Controller.

In Lemhi County voters chose United States Senator Jim Risch to run for reelection on the Republican ticket with a vote count of 1,472. The count for his Republican challenger Jeremy T Anderson was 419 votes. Of the Democratic candidates for the Senate Nels Mitchell drew 74 votes and William Bryk received 41 votes.

In the hotly contended battle about which Republican candidate will be running for the U.S. District 2 House of Representatives incumbent Mike Simpson drew 1,226 local votes compared to Bryan D. Smith’s 734 votes. Democrat Richard Stallings gathered 121 votes.

Ron Chase was chosen as the Republican candidate for State Treasurer with 1,222 votes and Lawrence Wasden with 764 votes was selected as the Republican candidate for State Attorney General over C.T. ‘Chris’ Troupis who had 593 votes.

Sherri Ybarra was the local choice to run for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The newly legislated “Party Affiliation and Ballot Choice” procedure with its graph of what ballot is available for registered Republicans, unaffiliated voters and registered Democrat, Constitution and Libertarian voters produced voter confusion and frustration throughout the voting day.

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