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Steve Smith and Buddy Jones attended the May 14 meeting of the city’s Finance Team to express their concerns over how water and sewer fees for local restaurants are calculated and about water and sewer fees in general.

Councilman Jim Bockelman is chairman of that team and reported to the May 21 meeting of the Salmon City Council that in the past the team discussed how those fees are charged and did come up with a possible substitute plan which would base fees on usage. He said the team will look at the fee schedule based on usage, number of seats, type of service provided and local restaurant impacts on the sewer system. Another topic to address is whether restaurant utility charges should remain the same or be allowed a reduced rate when the establishment is closed.

Bockelman said one of the motels is still delinquent on Local Option Tax payments from last September and October. The motel is current on all but those two months. The city’s attorney will again make inquiries.

City Finance Director Amy Fealko presented an amended credit card policy which specifically states the requirement for receipts and the consequences for not providing them. The policy was sent on to the full council for approval and each card holder will have to verify that they have reviewed the policy. When presented to the City Council the credit card policy changes were unanimously accepted.

Bockelman said a proposed Lemhi County Humane Society 2014 budget for $12,000 has been submitted and the Finance Team will make sure the society’s request is considered in the city budget setting process.

City Clerk Mary Benton explained to the team the need to have wording in the business license rules that assure if the business requesting a license needs to have state, federal or local permits to operate, those permits will have to be presented before a business license is issued. Bockelman said the team felt an ordinance should be drafted with wording to that effect. The team will also be looking into the process of issuing Itinerant Merchants Permits. Benton will research how other cities handle those permits.

The multiple burial fees at the cemetery were discussed. Presently if one opening is excavated and multiple remains are interred there are multiple charges. Bockelman said the team feels there is no need for the extra charge. An ordinance to amend the fee charges will be needed to make the change. Another topic was whether or not to continue allowing Sunday burials. The team felt burials on Sunday should continue to be allowed. The council later passed Resolution 2014-6 amending cemetery interment fees to reflect the Finance Team recommendation.

Fealko asked the team if she should do anything in the upcoming budget process regarding the Alliance for Control of Animal Population. A majority of the Finance Team members felt nothing needs to be done.

The next meeting of the Finance Team will be Wednesday, June 11 at 11AM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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