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A city offer to trade goods for services has been accepted by the closed Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber owed past rent for the City Hall office space it occupied. At the May 7 meeting of the Salmon City Council, City Clerk Mary Benton suggested the city trade the rental payments for the display kiosk in front of the Salmon Valley Center and the water wagon used to water hanging flower baskets on Main Street. At the May 21 council meeting it was announced that acting Chamber President Cindy Olson has accepted the trade.

In introducing the trade idea Benton suggested the kiosk could be used at the Salmon Cemetery to display a list of names and a map indicating grave locations.

A $14,875 bid for replacing City Hall carpeting was discussed by the council. It was decided that while everyone agreed it is best to buy at home the council would still like to see some comparative bids. A final decision was tabled until other information such as the amount of square footage to be covered can be gathered.

Kayla Tolman, Bonnie Torgerson and Barbara Miller spoke briefly to the council about the Lemhi Education Project. Tolman and Torgerson related their experiences of being able to become full time students because of the LEP on-line resources and on-site support from Director Tiffany McAllister. LEP Chairman Miller outlined the critical importance of having a director, a staff and regular office hours. She said the grants which they are always actively pursuing, very seldom include funding for staff. Miller said she will be presenting a funding request along with a packet outlining LED services being provided as well as detailed statistics from the past three years of operation to the next meeting of the cityís Finance Team.

In other business the Salmon City Council accepted an official letter of resignation from City Planning and Zoning member John McKinney. It also accepted an addendum to the Sacajawea Center Partners agreement to make it compliant with Forest Service agreement requirements.

During Roundtable discussion Councilman Rob Jackson expressed thanks to the teens from Mrs. Cooperís Landscaping Class for their weeding work around the Main Street trees. Councilman Jim Bockelman thanked Councilman Russ Chinske for his cleanup efforts on an unsightly Church Street lot. Councilman Fred Waidely informed the council he is working with the Youth Employment Program towards possible employment for the programís aged 14 through 16 workers. He said he would report more when all the details are complete.

For several years Robert Dunlap has been on a quest for street signs that indicate the existence of Riverfront Drive. During a public comment period he announced that two signs have indeed been posted but not at the intersection of Main and Riverfront. He then gave his opinion of the Local Option Tax saying he doesnít like collecting it and his patrons, who donít get anything in return, donít like paying it. Dunlap noted the last big LOT funded event provided on-site camping and therefore no business to his campground. He questioned the basis on which LOT funds are awarded and said better use should be made of the money.

A budget work session was scheduled for June 4 at 4PM and a work session on the City Development Code was set for Tuesday, June 10, at 5:30PM. Both of those meetings will be in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room. A special Ribbon Cutting ceremony at the cityís newly upgraded Water Treatment Plant will take place at the plant on June 12 at 2PM.
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