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The cityís Public Safety Team was informed by City Police Chief KV Felker that the cameras located on Island Park and Main Street as well as at City Hall are all functioning well. He said additional cameras surrounding the Bear Statue water feature are expected soon.

Team Chairman and Councilman Ken Hill said that because cost quotes for the new cameras are different from the first cameras purchased the company will be contacted to ascertain the reason behind the two prices.

Hill said a survey of handicapped parking spaces in the downtown area has been conducted and has shown no reason for any additional spaces at this time. Speed limits near city limits on Highways 93 and 28 were discussed. The team consensus is they should be reduced however that is up to the Idaho Department of Transportation (IDT). The team will continue to recommend that IDT re-visit the traffic studies in city limit areas in hopes it finds a reduction of speed limits is warranted.

Councilman Fred Waidely is chairman of the Sacajawea Center Team and he told the council the team is in agreement that additional man-power is needed to properly maintain the centerís grounds and buildings. He said the recommendation has been taken under advisement by the City Council and will be discussed in terms of short-term solutions for this Summer as well as for future planning.

Waidely said Center Director Lin Gray told the June 18 team meeting that there were ten center facility rentals in May and that as of June 11 twelve rentals had been scheduled for this month. She also said there have been 840 Interpretive Center admissions since the facility opened for the season and that 16 youngsters have signed on for the water camps. Waidely said Gray is recommending that some additional members be added to the Sacajawea Center Team to reflect representation from center partners. The recommendation will be discussed with the mayor. She is also pursuing the possibility of an advisory committee to help with center planning.

The next Sacajawea Center Team meeting will take place on July 9 at 4:15 PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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