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City Public Works crews are in Summer mode according to a list of projects reported to the Salmon City Council by Public Works Team Chairman and Councilman Fred Waidely.

Waidely told the council that Public Works Supervisor Harry Shanafelt informed the team at is June 18 meeting that new water mains are being installed on Mary Street, Lemhi Avenue and Daisy Street. When the project is completed 2,000 feet of new mains will have been installed. Shanafelt said they should improve service to the users in those areas.

Waidely said Main Street crosswalks and curbs are being re-painted and that some new crosswalk signs will be installed. He also said that a total of three point three miles of city streets will either be resurfaced or chip sealed.

Later in the evening during Roundtable Discussion the subject of a crosswalk in the area of the Post Office was raised. Mayor Leo Marshall reported that the Idaho Department of Transportation is being consulted as to compliance regarding proximity of handicapped access to a crosswalk in that area.

The Public Works Team reviewed architect Don Stampís conceptual drawings of a rest room design for City Park and the Urban Renewal Town Square rest room project. The team suggested that a urinal be added to the design of the menís room and possibly one more stall in the ladies room.

When presented to the City Council June 18, Councilman Rob Jackson said he had talked to Don Stamp that day about the suggested expansion to double stalls. He said that according to Stamp with the addition of stalls Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations come into play and the size of the room would almost be doubled. The increased size would increase the estimated cost of $30,000 to from $45,000 to $50,000. Stamp explained that ADA stalls have to be 60 by 60 inches in size. Jackson said that if it is a one room facility the toilet area can encroach on the sink area however when stalls are added, an ADA compliant sink is required. Jackson quoted Stamp as saying another urinal in the menís room would also increase the room size and add approximately seven to eight thousand dollars in cost. Jackson commented that he would personally like to see a water fountain added to the front of the building.

A question arose as to whether the money already paid Stamp covers the construction drawings as well as the conceptual drawing. After a unanimous vote to proceed with the restroom design as submitted, a follow-up phone call to Stamp confirmed the construction drawings are included in the $2,000 paid for conceptual drawings.

The city will be paying for the City Park restroom. The rest room facility at Town Square Park will be paid for by the Urban Renewal Agency which has been given the same conceptual drawings.

A transfer of money from the cityís Capital Improvements fund to Capital Expenditures, authorizing up to $35,000 for the rest room construction and $34,000 for a City Police Department vehicle, was unanimously approved by the council.

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