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Salmon City Councilman and Public Works Team Chairman Fred Waidely reported that at the teamís latest meeting a recommendation was made to approve payment number eight of the Waste Water Treatment Plant project. The payment to Dick Anderson Construction totals $52,862.19. Waidely explained that amount equals a 100 percent payment minus a five percent retention. The final retention payment will be held until a certificate of completion is issued.

He said that while the team recommended approval of the payment, it did have some questions of responsibility regarding another issue that has arisen.

Waidely said that Keller Associates has recommended the council authorize Anderson Construction to proceed with head-works dump station modifications needed to correct a drain pipe slope issue. The team determined that Anderson installed the drain pipe as per Keller Associates design specifications therefore the city is not responsible for the problem. The team felt Keller should bear the cost of correcting the problem.

At the time of the July 9 Public Works Team meeting Anderson had agreed to perform the work on a time and materials basis but has since rescinded the offer.

When the issue was brought before the July 16 meeting of the full City Council it was agreed the error was in Kellerís design. Council President Jim Baker then questioned whether or not Dick Anderson Construction was in a position to decline the corrective work. He asked City Attorney Fred Snook for an opinion. The retention mentioned is on the full amount of the $3 million project. Snook commented that until the $150,000 five percent retention is paid, Anderson is in fact still under contract with the city for the project.

Keller Associates was due to be in town the following day so the question of responsibility for repairs was scheduled for further discussion with the engineers. In the meantime, the eighth payment to Dick Anderson Construction was unanimously approved by the council.

Other business during the July 9 Public Works Team meeting included review of an updated cooperative agreement for maintenance of highways US 93 and State Highway 28. The draft agreement will be given to the council for study.

Councilman Baker relayed a citizen request that some Cottonwood trees in the vicinity of 12th and Baker Avenue be trimmed or removed. Public Works Supervisor Harry Shanafelt said that would have to wait until Winter when the trees are dormant.

Baker also told the team there is a storm drain problem at the corner of Water and VanDreff Streets. Shanafelt will investigate possible solutions.

The next meeting of the Public Works Team will be Wednesday, August 13 at 2PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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