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During the informal discussion of topics during the July 16 City Council Roundtable, Councilman Jim Bockelman told of watching the state highway department remove a Riverfront Drive street sign near the intersection of Courthouse Drive and Highway 93 North/ Riverfront Drive. He said the truck then drove away with the sign in the back. Bockelman is guessing the sign may have been on a power or telephone pole since there is no empty sign post.

Councilman Rob Jackson recounted his first experience with a marathon run. He said he volunteered for the July 12th Beaverhead Ultra Marathon and found out the true meaning of the saying, “You meet the nicest people on top of mountains.” Jackson said he was at the West Fork of Wimpey Creek check station just above Jahnke Lake during the 50 K-100K run. He said the participants were amazed at the mountains, the scenery and the whole area in general. There were 51 runners for this first ultra-run event and Jackson said everyone involved was very complimentary about the race. He said the consensus was if more people had known how challenging this run was going to be, more would have entered. Bockelman added these runs are getting to be very popular as evidenced by the 300 runners at the last Endurance Run in Challis.

Another event that drew high praise was Salmon River Days. Councilman Russ Chinske said there were lots of activities and lots of people and he hopes that will continue in years to come. He especially thanked BriAnne Bruno and Jenny Jarvis for spearheading the effort and said he knows many, many people were involved in making the 4th of July celebration a great success.

Councilman Fred Waidely gave an update report on the Lemhi Ride Transportation Committee. He said the group has had its second meeting and that the fact finding trip to Hamilton and Bonner’s Ferry was very successful in gathering needed and helpful information. Waidely said some funding is expected to arrive in mid-August and that overall, everything is on track for putting in place a locally managed transportation system by next April.

Mayor Leo Marshall’s contribution to the discussion was a story about finding a September 22, 1983 edition of the Recorder Herald that carried the headline “City/County Agree on Impact Area Lines.” He said the find was very interesting in view of the area of impact process currently underway, 31 years later.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be August 6 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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