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A public hearing was conducted July 23 on the proposed map of the city/county impact area according to a report to the Lemhi County Commissioners from Planning and Zoning Administrator Gary Goodman.

At the commissionerís July 28 meeting Goodman told the board the hearing went well and that the majority of comments were positive. He said residents in the Lemhi Road area presented a petition with two requests. The first was they not be included in the area of city impact. Their second request was that if they have to remain designated as a city impact area, no changes be made to the present terms of inclusion. He said there was one request that the Smedley Subdivision not be included in the area of impact. At the same time other residents of that area voiced support for the proposed boundaries.

Goodman said although there was not a lot of public input offered during the update process he is pleased with the communication efforts that went into informing the community about the intentions and reasons behind updating the city/county impact area.

The next step in the process is a Planning and Zoning (P&Z) workshop to discuss the comments received and finalize the proposed area of impact map prior to sending it on to the County Commissioners. Goodman said there will be a final public hearing which will be scheduled by the commissioners. He said the P&Z will then begin work on the rules and regulations associated with the designated City/County impact area. Goodman said the P&Z anticipates very little change to the rules and regulations now in effect.

By state law two separate ordinances must be adopted by the commissioners. One will be for the area of impact map and one for the rules and regulations. State law provides three alternatives for area of impact management. They are; adoption and administration by the city, adoption and administration by the county or adoption and administration by a joint city/county commission. Local officials have chosen the latter option.

Goodman said the process of updating the city/county area of impact is expected to be completed by this fall. At that point attention will be turned to a periodic update of the Comprehensive Plan.

Speaking as Building Department Administrator Goodman said this yearís number of building permits so far is down some from previous years however, because of the Shopko facility permit the amount of money generated by building permits is over the top. He said there was no big springtime building spike this year but building throughout June and July was stronger than usual.

The next meeting of the Lemhi County Commissioners will be August 11 in the Commissioners Meeting Room of the Brooklyn Annex.

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