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The small vehicular bridge that carries traffic across the west channel of the Salmon River and facilitates access to Island Park is nearing its quarter century anniversary and is showing the effects from over 20 years of river currents.

At its August 6 meeting the Salmon City Council was apprised of results from a recent bridge inspection that gave the structure a point rating of 25.9 out of a possible 100.

City Grants and Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise provided council members with informational packets and described the main problem as being scouring around the bridge abutments. She said that divers are scheduled to make an underwater inspection in early September which will document conditions so a decision can be made as to repair or replacement and research into costs and funding options can begin.

Council President Jim Baker, a retired engineer, said the bridge itself is a timber structure built in the early 1990’s. He said he is not certain about the age of the abutments upon which the structure sits. Baker said there is a void behind the abutments due in his opinion to the short span between abutments which increases water velocity as the river is forced through the narrow opening. Over 20 years of water swirling around the abutments is what has caused the scouring. Baker said that at some point the bridge will certainly have to be replaced but for now they are awaiting final reports in order to determine the next step.

During Roundtable Discussion Councilman Jim Bockelman asked his fellow council members to take a tour of the Salmon Cemetery. He said he has received numerous constituent comments about the weeds growing at the facility and thinks the proper city team should do some research into what needs to be done about the situation. Councilman and Parks and Recreation Team chairman Rob Jackson said the topic will be on the team’s next meeting agenda.

Under Unfinished Business the council approved a summary connected to previously approved Ordinance 14-793. The ordinance gives Custer Telephone Broadband Services a nonexclusive franchise to provide cable services within the city of Salmon.

The council went on to approve the second reading of Ordinance 14-792 which details the 2014-15 city budget of $3,606,273. One more reading is required before official adoption.

A vacation of public right-of-way ordinance pertaining to the John Little property was passed with a waiver to suspend the three reading ordinance adoption rule. Ordinance 14-795, also related to the Little property and involved approval of de-annexation from the city. It too was adopted on the first reading after the council passed a motion to suspend the three reading rule. Each ordinance was approved unanimously on a roll call vote.

In other business the council approved a Calvary Church request to allow overnight parking on Island Park as a security measure for the August 15-16 “Rock the River” event. Two self-contained travel trailers will be parked overnight behind the Island Park stage to protect equipment used during the evening performances.

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